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Highly popular kids entertainment network. The official Nick website features video, games and gossip from Nickelodeon!


As the name would suggest, Nickelodeon (UK & Ireland) is the British Isles-based branch of popular children's network Nickelodeon. As well as the popular American imports, the channel also airs local sitcom and reality-based series.

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Nickelodeon Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 4 Nov 2012


More than 4000 videos to watch
Easy to understand website


There are just as many games as video so you may have to break your child free
There is a lot of flash programming that may be difficult for some browsers

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Streaming Video

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

This website offers more than 4000 video clips that are family-friendly. Any parent should feel confident with entertainment provided to their children by this website.



Nickelodeon was originally referred to as the pinwheel network. It is a television channel based in the United States targeting children and young adults. It is mostly geared toward children aged 2 to 5 but they do have programming for teenagers and shared channel space to run situation comedies from other networks. The situation comedies running on a separate channel called Nick at night. This is still Nickelodeon but is treated as a separate channel with separate ratings. This channel began in 1985.


The Nickelodeon channel separate from the night focuses on a much younger audience. This is apparent through their website. Their website is laid out in a fun loving manner that would appeal to most children. They have a wide selection of cartoon characters and avatars sprinkled throughout their website. Passed that, there website is laid out in an easy to follow manner that any child could understand. Although they target a younger audience, this is not reflected in the quality of their site. The Nickelodeon website is very well thought out. It is entertaining for children but still allows their parents to have a good understanding of what their children are participating in and what videos they are watching.


The Nickelodeon website has a large selection of games geared towards the younger audience that represents. These games are very well programmed and entertaining. Nickelodeon does not exclude any section of their audience with these video games. Any young person can find a game that they will enjoy. It is possible to play action games, arcade games, games focusing on their episodes, and games specifically intended just for girls. These games are very quick loading and some are even educational. The games are completely free to play.


The Nickelodeon website provides a separate section just for music. This section allows the viewers to enjoy a large number of music videos. Music videos provided are family-friendly and appropriate for a younger audience. They also provide a large selection of streaming MP3s available to viewers of their site. In the music section alone, the Nickelodeon website offers 87 video clips at any given time. These can be sorted from A-Z, by favorite artist, or by favorite episode. However, those 87 video clips do not include the behind the scenes footage, bonus clips, featured videos, or latest episodes. The number of all streaming video clips combined is much larger.

Streaming Video

The streaming video offered on the Nickelodeon website is of exceptional quality. These videos are hosted on their own sites and can be viewed in full-screen mode. Including all of the music videos, line disease footage, notice clips, featured videos, celebrity interviews, and latest episodes, there are over 4,000 streaming video clips to watch. These are very easy to find and are sorted in a way that makes sense. They always show the newest videos first but these canít be searched by artist or by episode also. The younger audience the target will be able to spend hours watching video from this website.


Aside from the streaming video, and Nickelodeon website provides trailers and teasers for movies their audience would be interested in. They focus on movies that are family friendly and targeted at their young audience. They also spend most of their time focusing on movies that are related to Nickelodeon. In addition to these trailers and teasers, there is an additional gaming section provided in the movies category. This will allow the audience to play games related to the movies they are interested in.


The Nickelodeon website is very day on building a community or their young audience. Their young audience is given a safe environment to enjoy their entertainment. Joining the Nickelodeon website is completely free and they do not require or personal information about children. This membership is beneficial as it will allow all members of the community to keep track of all streaming video they have watched it would like to watch in the future. They also send video suggestions based on what they feel the user might enjoy. This membership also includes the ability to keep track of games and game suggestions. They provide special birthday extras for each of their members.


We enjoyed this website and found it to be both entertaining and safe for children. There is no shortage of video clips a young artist can watch. The video provided is very high quality and always free to watch. Furthermore, the Nickelodeon website goes above and beyond to engage their users by providing a free membership to continually send it video suggestions geared toward each user. This website also does an excellent job of being the family appropriate and making parents feel comfortable about their childrenís activities on their site. With more than 4000 family-friendly videos to watch, this is a video site any child will enjoy.

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