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Lifetime: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 7 Nov 2012


High-quality video
Easy-to-follow website layout
Completely free to watch


Limited mobile device applications
Only the latest three episodes are available

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

The streaming video available on this website is completely free and there are more than 300 television episodes available.



Lifetime television channel is cable television based in the United States that broadcasts a variety of films, comedies, and dramas. Most of their programming is geared towards women. This television channel is owned by Walt Disney and A&E. In the beginning they began Web talk shows and other women’s programming. A television channel was founded in 1983.


Lifetime television channel offers a nice selection of popular television programming. They offer the latest episodes for each of these programs. In fact, they generally offer the three latest episodes. But videos available on this website are completely free to watch and are very high quality. Each video is advertising supported by adding a small commercial at the beginning of each streaming video. This is accomplished in a similar manner to watching commercials on a regular television station. The advertising included in each streaming video is done very effectively and will not interrupt your programming the way other television websites might. Additionally, this website provides extensive background information for all their popular programs. They also offer exclusive video clips as well as other teasers were their popular programs.


Lifetime television channel broadcasts their own movies they have created as well as other popular films. Much like their television shows, these movies are aimed towards powerful women. They do not offer full video for their movies is far as we can see. However, they do provide a nice selection of video or these movies such as trailers and bonus clips to give you will background information for the movies they offer. The movies section of the website can easily be found in the navigation menu at the top of the site. Lifetime television is known for showing movies about women that are based on true stories.


All their streaming video clips can be found in the navigation menu at the top of the website. These videos are layout is very easy to follow way and can be searched through very easily. Currently, they offer more than 303 streaming video clips in this section. These videos can be watched for free on the website; no off-line cable subscription is required. It is not possible to watch these videos in full-screen mode but full volume controls is available. Additionally, these videos load very quickly and come with excellent audio quality. Each video clip includes the dates that it was aired so it will be easy to now is which episodes you may have missed. Closed captioning is available.


There is a gaming section on a lifetime television website. These games are built using flash technology and are very quick loading. Most games provided are board games or puzzle games that can be played in your spare time. These games do not revolve around the lifetime television programs. However, these games will not disrupt your browser in any way and are very fun to play. Additionally, the lifetime television website offers a sweepstakes that you can enter to win valuable prizes. Although these games are not focus on their programming they are very enjoyable to play.


The layout is website is done very nicely and is very easy to navigate. The type is very easy-to-read and laying on a white background that is easy on the eyes. You are provided with navigation menus at the top of the websites as well as navigational links provided at the bottom of the site. There’ll be no trouble navigating your way throughout the site as additional links in the navigation menu are provided in a further drop down menu to get you where you need to go as quickly as possible. The lifetime television channel website does a good job of directing their visitors directly to the streaming video as soon as they hit the front page.


The lifetime television channel offers applications for popular mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone. The applications offered are for playing games. Unfortunately, no streaming video is available through their mobile applications. However, by sending a text message to lifetime television network, you can receive text updates on your mobile phone or for all of their latest news as well as information for their popular programs. It is completely free to receive the text updates on your devices.


This is a very nice website for watching streaming video. They offer up to three of the latest episodes for all their popular programs. Additionally, there is extensive background information for all programming to perform research before actually watching the video. The layout of the website is very nice and the streaming video is of excellent quality. However, we thought it would be nice if they offer a wider selection of will applications for your devices that provide streaming video that users can watch on the go. This may be offered at later time.

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