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ITV (Independent Television) are the biggest independent commercial TV company in the UK and provider of TV channels ITV1, ITV2, ITV3and CITV. ITV also have an online service called ITV Player offering 7-day Catchup Services.
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ITV TV Channels: CITV, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4
ITV Websites: ITV Catchup, ITV Sport
ITV apps: ITV Player
TV Shows on ITV: A Touch of Frost, Bionic Woman, Doc Martin, Entourage, Injustice, Knightmare, Primeval, Pushing Daisies, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, Sherlock Holmes (1984), Spin City, The Bionic Woman, The Protectors, The X Factor, Thunderbirds, Upstairs, Downstairs, Wire in the Blood

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ITV: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 13 Nov 2012


Many videos available
Excellent video player
Latest episodes of several hundred programs


Some programs must be paid for
Not all episodes are available

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TV Shows
ITV Player
TV Guide

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

This website offers a nice section dedicated to watching the latest episodes. Many is high-quality and loads very quickly.



ITV is one of the biggest television channels network located in the United Kingdom. In beginning 1955 it is now known as one of the oldest television channels. Anyways a network of television channels involving 15 different franchises owned by three companies. Each of these companies shares programs they broadcast over the entire network.

TV Shows

The ITV channel is home to several hundred popular television programs. These programs are listed on the website from A-Z. Each program has its own subsection of the website giving users additional information about all their available programs. The subsections include images, story line discussion, in depth character information, and a slew of video clips offering users spoilers and sneak peaks for all their favorite shows. Each program offers its own section with these features. There are even opportunities to chat with your favorite actors within these subsections. Additionally, each program offers a link to the popular iTV player to watch the latest episodes. Since ITV has such a long list of programs they broadcast, there are hundreds of opportunities to watch the latest episodes of each program on their site.

ITV Player

The ITV website has a completely different subsection known as the ITV Player. All streaming video can be viewed from this section. This website refers to this area as your place to “catch up” on all your missed programs. We were particularly impressed by the ITV Player. Currently, it is in its beta stage and they are still testing but we found no issues with usage. Their ITV Player section will allow you to catch up on missed programs by day they were missed or by most popular watched programs. Additionally, programs can be searched by genre such as drama, action, or comedy. Many of these episodes can be watched for a nominal fee of under a dollar per episode. However, not all videos must be paid for. They provide a service known as "free catch up" that provide its users with episodes that can be watched for free. These videos load very quickly and are generally about 22 minutes in length.

TV Guide

This is one of the most extensive television guides we have come across. They cover all major regions of the United Kingdom as well as every channel in the iTV network. It is possible to schedule all television watching for weeks in advance. This TV Guide can be viewed in multiple manners including horizontal and vertical. The programs listed are available by time and also by iTV channel. This guide can be further customized by changing preferences to only include your favorite channel. Alerts can be set up to be sure you never miss your favorite program. They even offer full tutorials to use their TV Guide.


The ITV player is also available for iPhone and Android mobile devices. This will allow users to watch all their missed episodes from their mobile device. Additionally, there are other free mobile applications that revolve around popular programs to allow users to play trivia or receive the latest news and updates.


The ITV websites offers a separate section for news that covers breaking information around the United Kingdom and also all over the world. This is an extensive new section that is updated consistently throughout the day. There is never any fear of missing out on the latest news and events as this website will also send these updates to your mobile device. Additionally, they also separate news by regions located in the United Kingdom to be sure each user gets the news they are looking for.


No television website would be complete without providing news coverage for all sporting events. This website will provide sports fans scores of all games played in the United Kingdom. Both football and soccer are covered as well as a number of other sports. Additionally, each sporting events has corresponding information as well as images of the events. It’s even possible to place bets on sporting events of the United Kingdom from this websites. Additionally, of streaming video can be found embedded in various places of the sports section.


The ITV channel website can be highly recommended because it was designed to with users in mind. Their mobile applications can be downloaded for free and are compatible with most popular smart phone devices to allow streaming video and game playing on your phone. The ITV Player, although in its beta stage, was very well thought out as they offer the latest episodes available by popularity, genre, and also by day. Some of these episodes can be watched for as little as 0.99 per video but there are also many that can be watched for free. We found this website to be very easy to use with plenty of video available.

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