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The History Channels extensive video selection, and shows mainly reality tv and documentries.
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History Channel Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 4 Nov 2012


All videos are completely free
The latest episodes are available
Each video has high-quality audio
Videos are educational as well


Episodes expire as new episodes are posted
It is possible to watch episodes from earlier seasons but these are chosen at random
The selection of videos is a little smaller than from other websites

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Layout and Content
Streaming Video

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

This is very pleasing websites with a nice selection of educational and entertaining videos. Each video provided is of high quality and can be watched in full screen mode. The video provided on this website is completely free to watch.



The history Channel is based in the United States and offered on satellite and cable subscriptions. It is owned by the A&E Network and offers a variety of reality and documentary programs featuring historical contents. This channel was launched in 1995 and operates all over the world including Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Romania, Lebanon, Egypt and South Africa. This television channel is known to produce higher ratings in the United States.

Layout and Content

This website provides a nice selection of this article contents including blogs, history topics, outside resources, and facts the taking place in history on a day by day basis. Not only does this website offer video, they also provide a list of transcripts and audio of speeches that have taken place throughout history. Each history topic provides a long list of additional information that cover every history of dance unimaginable including interesting facts related to those events. Aside from offering video, the history Channel websites provides a huge library of content for reading. The history Channel website is very easy to navigate with navigational menus prominently placed at the top of a websites. These are laid out in large fonts so thereís never any fear of getting lost. All information provided on this website is available within your fingertips. Additionally, they offer a search feature that is located at the top of a websites define what is needed that much quicker.


The history Channel provides a large selection of history related television programming. These programs are listed in an A-Z format with additional information for each television show. There is a complete episode guide for every program they offer. Full programming schedule is available on the website. They will keep you up to date when each program has a new episode.

Streaming Video

The history Channel website offers the latest episodes for their programs. These streaming video are completely free to watch. These videos are very well organized by Shell, by season, or by topic. The video provided is of exceptional quality and able to view it full screen mode. The video is very fast loading and accompanied by audio of equal quality. This website offers approximately 200-300 full episodes at any given time. It is possible to watch full episodes as well as random episodes that they believe are of interest.


The history Channel is known for its educational content. Most of the episodes are back related but they also provide fictional history programming. Each of their videos is laid out by topic with further information and resources so itís possible to educate yourself further on history topics after watching the video. This is extremely beneficial in case one of the episodes does not go into detail as needed. There are many opportunities for further learning on this website. The show is provided on this website are not only educational but entertaining as well. They offer an additional section that focuses on education. This content is provided in both English and Spanish.


The history Channel website offers a full e-commerce shopping experience. You can purchase merchandise for all of your favorite television shows related to history, crime, science and technology, war, military, and all history related topics provided by this channel. Transactions are completely secure and all major credit cards are accepted. You can purchase popular DVDs, collectibles, toys, clothing, and other show memorabilia. Not only can videos be watched on as websites, but they can be purchased for home viewing as well. The history shop provides a free newsletter to keep all subscribers up-to-date on the latest discounts and additions. All purchases from his website support the history Channel.


The history Channel provides a nice selection of streaming video clips but they offer other features as well. There is a full gaming selection available. These games include puzzles, action games, arcade games, and trivia games all focused on your favorite history topics. These games are programmed very well and complement the streaming video episodes very nicely. Gaming on the history Channel website is also completely free. In addition to gaming, the history Channel has a blog section that is worth reading.


Weekend the history Channel 5 stars. The episodes available are very entertaining as well as educational. All video provided is of high quality and the company by high-quality audio. The episodes available are always the latest. Everything offered on this website is completely free. The layout is very easy to follow with easy-to-understand navigation. The history Channel website doesnít excellent job of providing further educational resources for continued learning on all of their history topics. The games provided are also very entertaining. Itís possible to spend a lot of hours interchange yourself on this website while actually learning also.

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Reviewer: Ramalia - location: Toronto - Date Added: 2009-11-13 00:00:00
Rating: (4.5) - 4 1
Summary: Good infotainment site
Review: The site is really cool with all the programs that are shown on History Channel, every detail about your favorite program can be found on the sites database. The only thing I dislike is the video player, it takes too long to load at times. The quality is excellent though. Do visit the site it has loads of entertainment packed for you.
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