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Cable company HBO's official website features TV scheduling information, original video content, episode guides and more. Subscribers can also get access to online streaming via HBO Go!
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HBO: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 25 Jan 2013


A number of free videos available
Exclusive merchandise available in a Web shop
Very informative for background information


The website is image intensive and may load slowly
Flash may cause some browsers to crash

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

HBO is a premium cable television channel. Their website has a few issues with some browsers when using flash. There are many free videos to watch.



Home Box Office, otherwise known as HBO, is a premium cable television channel owned by Time Warner. As a premium cable channel it reaches 30 million subscribers in the United States. Encore is the largest premium cable channel with the largest reach at 35 million, making HBO the second largest. Outside of the United States, HBO is broadcast to 151 countries all over the world. The programming involves motion pictures, made for cable movies, and original series. They also broadcast a selection of sporting events (boxing matches), documentaries, and comedy specials.


The layout of the HBO website is extremely visual. Where other sites have solid colors for a background, HBO chooses to use significant images from their most popular programs as the web design. The site is built on flash and may crash in some browsers, but this is still an effect that has a powerful marketing impact at first. The flash images are very large and take up the majority of the screen. Unfortunately, you may go through periods where the flash technology on this site may crash your browser repeatedly. In fact, that is the biggest issue with this site. However, navigation menus located at the top and bottom are very intuitive.


HBO has a very nice selection of programming they offer their viewers. Currently their original series programs include: Angry Boys, Big Love, Boardwalk Empire, Bored to Death, Brave New Voices, Celebrity Habla, HBO Latino, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Deadwood, El Perro y El Gato, Enlightened, Entourage, Family Tree, Flight of the Conchords, , and Eastbound & Down to name a few. The website offers complete background information for each of these series. Additionally, HBO offers ongoing comedy programs in the form of series and standup comedy. They are also very well known for providing informative and educational documentaries. HBO does an outstanding job of providing complete background information for all of their programming. Furthermore, all of the programming they offer has video trailers that can be watched from their website. They provide a free newsletter to let viewers know when new programming is available. In fact, there are multiple newsletters provided the cover separate topics.


HBO offers an extensive shopping experience to all of their website visitors. Merchandise and other memorabilia for viewers’ favorite original programs can be purchased from the website. All major credit cards are accepted and transactions are secure. Users are able to purchase T-shirts, DVDs, games, and even perfumes and lemon in addition in your now polish with the theme of their favorite original series.


There is a large number of streaming video clips available on this website. They provide users with the ability to watch trailers, actor interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage for many of their programs. Unfortunately, there are not full episodes available to watch from the site. However, a user can spend several hours watching the video they provide; the clips provided are very entertaining. They do offer an On Demand services for viewing programs individually. Additionally, the video provided is of high quality with high quality audio also. It’s possible to view each video in full screen mode with audio controls available. While we had some issues with the homepage of this website crashing, there were no issues with watching the video. Therefore, as you navigate deeper into the website the issues with flash begin to decrease.


The HBO website does an excellent job of providing users with complete scheduling for all their programming. There is a separate subsection of the website to view their upcoming schedule. Additionally, individual scheduling for each program can be located within different subsections of the website. Lastly, scheduling is also available for view at the very bottom of every webpage in scrolling format. They provide alerts at the bottom to let users know what programs are available that evening. Users will have no difficulty planning their future viewing of HBO programs.


HBO offers their users an application for streaming video on mobile devices. The application itself is free to use and download. However, accessing available programming will require an off-line cable subscription service. Furthermore, availability of services with this application varies for different locations.


To begin with there are several issues navigating this website due to flash technology. As the user begins to navigate throughout the site these issues decrease. Overall, this is a very nice website as they provide their users with a number of streaming videos that are free to watch. Additionally, the website is very informative in terms of providing background information for all of the programs. Finally, most of the merchandise items available in the web shop are not available anywhere else. Although there were no new episodes available, we feel this website is very entertaining with a number of videos provided.

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