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Fuel TV is a tv channel & website that focuses its content on extream sports.
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Fuel TV: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 06 Dec 2012


Almost 800 video available
Videos are free to watch
High-quality video


Videos are very shortly
Not possible to watch the latest episodes
Full episodes available are random

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

Fuel TV focuses on broadcasting programming related to extreme sports. It is geared toward a male audience ranging in ages from 18 to 54.



Fuel TV is a cable television channel dedicated to broadcasting sports of a thrill seeking nature. This includes motocross, surfing, snowboarding, and championship fighting. For sports enthusiasts interested in boxing, Fuel TV shows more other than any other television channel. Fuel TV is a part of all sports media and it was launched in 2003. This television network is viewable in more than 36 million homes in the United States. It can be accessed through off-line cable subscriptions, mobile devices, and other digital avenues. Programming is available in more than 50 countries around the world. Channel is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Fuel TV hosts almost 30 original programs on television channel. All of the programs are aimed towards a male audience from ages 18 to 54. Many of the original programs are based on the popular Ultimate Fighting Championship sport. Most of the programming available includes sports with intense competitions for adrenaline charged audiences. Each program has its own subsection of the website where users can find additional information on that program. The subsections for each program will contain videos pertaining to that television show. There are a few videos located on each of these pages. However, we were not happy with the length of video available. There are approximately 20 to 30 videos located in each program subsection of the site. Unfortunately, there were not many full episodes available. The majority of the videos available were video clips that were between the 2 to 3 minutes long.


The number of video available on this website is a little over 800. These are presented to users in playlists of videos from the same program and also as individual listings. The video available is very high quality with exceptional audio as well. Itís possible to view each video in full screen mode and these videos are completely free to watch. Full volume control is available for each video and they can also be viewed with closed captioning for the hearing-impaired. These videos are hosted directly on the Fuel TV website. It is possible to view full episodes from this website. Unfortunately, there are very few episodes available at any given time. The full episodes are chosen by random and can be located in the top navigation menu. These full episodes are not always the same but we found it a little strange that out of the over 800 videos there were so few episodes. The layout of the website may lead a viewer to believe that video is their main purpose. That is a little deceiving because we were a little disappointed with the video content available. While we mentioned there are almost 800 video available, all these videos are very short.


The Fuel TV provides a full television schedule to all of its viewers. Scheduling is provided for the current week and next week. Itís possible for users to schedule their television watching in advance. Each of the programs listed in the schedule are linked to the subsection of the website so the users can find additional background information for deciding to watch the episode. The schedule is created in very big letters that are a little difficult to read. But it is possible to find video clips for each program from within the schedule. Additionally, Fuel TV makes it possible for users to share their program schedules on their favorite social media platforms.


Fuel TV is also available through mobile devices. Fuel TV has created applications for both Apple and android devices. This application is available to download for free through the Apple iTunes store or through Google Play for android. The application makes it possible for users to watch video clips, receive sporting news, and access the program schedule from their mobile device. According to the website, more video is available through mobile application than what is located on the site. If you wish to make full use of streaming television with Fuel TV, downloading a mobile application is the way to go.


Fuel TV provides users with an extensive blog that gives them information on their programs and the latest episodes. Additionally, users can be kept up-to-date with what you will TV is doing now and in the future. This blog is updated several times per day and users can also subscribe to this blog to receive e-mail updates.


Overall, we were not terribly pleased with this website. At first glance, the Fuel TV website may appear to provide an extensive amount of video. Unfortunately, we found most of the videos to be very short length and almost random. Itís not possible to watch the latest episodes from the website. However, there are more than 800 available videos. Additionally, we found the layout of the website and the colors chosen to be very distracting.

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