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Popular culinary magazine with videos featuring superstar chefs like Mario Batali
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Food Network: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 20 Nov 2012


Offers video clips covering single recipes not available on the television network
High-quality video
Videos free to watch


Very few streaming video available
Episodes expire as new episodes are posted
Only two episodes are available at one time

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

The Food channel network website offers plenty of food related information, but there are very few streaming video clips available.



The Food Network network is a television cable channel that is viewed in more than 90 million households. This popular television channel is owned by Scripps Networks Interactive and the Tribune Company with offices in New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Jersey City, Cincinnati, and Tennessee.


The food network television channel has a wide variety of television programs all revolving around cooking. They feature daytime programming as well as primetime programming for all of their food related television. Viewers will find television programming offered by this channel and this website to be both educational and entertaining. They are especially known for their chefs or food related personalities that are becoming very popular in daytime and nighttime programming. Additionally, the Food network channel offers viewers a number of one-time specials revolving around their popular TV personalities and other nationwide cooking events. This network is pleased to provide 30 popular food related television programs. All scheduling is available on the website with possibility to decide in advance what you will be watching in the future, but the network website makes it possible for users to watch the latest episodes of all of their popular programming online. In most cases they will offer the latest episodes and as new episodes become available old episodes expire and become removed. Viewers will also find the website offers plenty of background information for each of their food related programming series.


There is a number of streaming video clips available. Each video provided on this website can be watched for free. Aside from the latest episodes, you will also find a large selection of video clips containing behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and commentary with their popular TV personalities, as well as video clips that only cover specific recipes. These videos are advertisement supported through commercials that interrupt each video. These commercials are not intrusive as it is no different than watching the regular off-line television commercials. The streaming video found is of a very high quality and can be watched in full screen mode. They also offer high quality audio but we were disappointed with the number of videos available. Since each video is advertisement supported, we feel as if they could create additional video clips even if just to cover single recipes.


There is a lot of information located on this website. Many of the information included is in blog format and provides users with many types of recipes. They do a nice job of offering background information for the most popular personalities. We found the website very easy to navigate and also easy on the eyes. They dedicate entire sections to just recipes and cooking. Sadly, the streaming video, although located on every page of the website, is still a little difficult to find. You will locate the streaming video link in the top right-hand corner of the website. The streaming video link is not located in the regular navigation menu. Actually, itís the small font size that makes this link so hard to locate.


The food channel network website offers its users a lot of extras. Users are able to keep track of their favorite recipes right on the website. Although itís intended to accompany the off-line television channel, most of the content found on this website does not focus on their television programs. Some of the extras they provide are a full e-commerce store with secure credit card transactions. Itís possible to purchase complete cookbooks created by their television personalities from this store. They do offer a full blog to provide their users with cooking information from around the world using their favorite ingredients. There is plenty of information that can be found for people interested in cooking on this blog. Additionally, the blog offers the latest updates on their television programs, cooking related events, and their popular television personalities.

Social Media

The Food channel network participates heavily in social media. They provide their users with latest updates through their favorite social media platforms. Additionally, each of their popular programs has their own social media profile as well. This makes it possible for users to simply follow one program rather than the whole television channel. Furthermore, many of their popular television personalities also have their own social media provide. Each of these profiles offers cooking tips and information to each of their followers. There are many Social media profiles tied to the Food Network where users can find information for these programs.


The Food network website does an excellent job of providing plenty of food related information to all of its users. However, we were not happy with their focus on streaming video. There is plenty of content related to food that can be found on this website, but the number of streaming video available is very few. You can watch the latest episodes for some programs but no more than two episodes are posted at a time. However, the video offered is extremely high quality and they do provide their users with many extras such as the ability to keep track of all the recipes and follow their favorite TV personalities. This is an excellent site for cooking tips but it isnít the best for streaming video.

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