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Encore is a tv channel that shows movies from the 80's & 90's. Encore also show there films in HD when possible.
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Date Added: 2013-04-07 07:14:02
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Encore is owned by: Starz Entertainment

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Author: Steve Sanger - 2 Apr 2013


Nice layout
Videos provided are full episodes
Informative scheduling


Lack of content on the website
Very few videos available
Very few extras such as newsletters or shopping opportunities

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Encore on Demand

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

The encore website has a very nice layout. They offer full scheduling for all available programs. However, very few streaming video clips are provided.



Encore broadcasts a selection of older movies and recent blockbuster films. They are owned by the Winstien Company that is owned by Liberty Starz with two sister channels, Starz and MoviePlex. Their operations are located in Meridian, Colorado. Since December 31, 2012, their subscriber base has been around 35 million in the United States. Interestingly, they outpace HBO who only has 30 million subscribers. This is due to most premium cable subscriptions services offering both Starz and Encore as separate package and also individually.


The Encore website provides its viewers with complete scheduling for two months in advance. Additionally, users are able to create a free account on the website to customize the schedule to their own needs. The schedule can be downloaded to a computer for viewing later. They also provide full listings for television broadcasting, ON demand listings, and available programming online. Schedule can be viewed in multiple formats according to a userís preference. Finally, all the programs listed in their schedule are links to further information for that program so users can read on the full synopsis as well as background information for each program Encore has available.


The layout of this website is very easy to understand. They provide a navigational menu at the top of the website as well as full search capabilities so users can find what they need quickly. Additionally, this website is very easy on the eyes with a black background and users are provided with intuitive drop-down menus to find whatever information is needed. As the Encore television channel is a sister channel Starz and Movieplex, some of the links will move a user back and forth between websites. This is actually extremely beneficial as a nice amount of information is provided between each of the site. Itís very easy for users to find their needed information in a short amount of time.


The encore website provides its users with a few extras for them to choose from. Unfortunately, they donít offer as many extras and other television websites. The video clips available on this site are included in the extras section. Users are able to watch videos from all sister networks. However, there are not many videos available. In fact, there are less than 30 videos provided between the entire sister channel network. We will say video provided is very high quality in free to watch. Each video is able to be viewed in full-screen with audio controls available. The free video is also a full episode.
The Encore television website does participate in popular social media networks the viewers are able to receive information and updates for their programs through their favorite social media channels. Encore has participation in both Facebook and Twitter.


Encore offers a small selection of original programming exclusive to this television network. These programs tend to have a high following. Original programming for Encore includes The White, The Pillars of the Earth, Titanic: Blood and Steel, Hindenburg: The Last Flight, The Crimson Petal, The White, Thorne: Sleepy Head, Thorne: Scaredy Cat, and Moby Dick.


Encore has divided their programming up into individual channels. Technically these channels are categories which include Encore Western, Encore Drama, Encore Family, Encore Love, Encore Suspense, and Encore Espanol. Although this website does not provide many videos in these categories, they do a very nice job of separating the beauty schedules of each of these categories. Therefore, itís possible for users to decide what type of programming they are interested in following and plan their viewing future in this manner.

Encore on Demand

Encore as a full lineup of on demand videos available. These videos can be watched in high definition or standard definition quality. The Encore website has done a very nice job of listing each title and providing additional information for that program. They provide full scheduling for available programs including exact dates these programs will be available to viewers. Most of their available titles include their blockbuster films and episodes from the original programs. These are made available to viewers who do not subscribe to two television network but wish to watch on a program by program basis.


Overall, we give this website two stars. While the layout is very nice and they provide video of exceptional quality, there is not a lot of reason for viewers to frequent their website. The scheduling provided is exceptional but the videos offered are less than 30. Additionally, no shop is available to purchase merchandise and no newsletter is provided. The lack content and extras available on this sites may be due to their connection to other sister television networks and the content been integrated among each of them. However, it is possible for users to find background information for all of the programs they have to offer.

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