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Discovery Channel Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 2 Nov 2012


Video is completely free to watch
All video are high quality
The website is updated consistently


Videos are hard to find
Website layout is confusing
Advertising is blended in well

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Entertainment News

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

There are many shooting videos from this website but the layout can be confusing which makes some of the videos hard-to-find.



The Entertainment channel, otherwise known as E!, is news in the United States and owned by NBCUniversal. It focuses on entertainment related news and some feature films. It is an international television station that reaches 88 million homes in the United States and 600 million internationally. It was founded in 1987 and intended to provide the weighing of contemporary times and Hollywood gossip.


The layout of this website is a little poor. There are a large number of images all over the website and navigation is hard to locate. All the other text is in very large fonts, itís very hard to read as it gets lost among all the images. Each image represents its own story on the website. It may take a minute to understand this. There is a caption under every image that is hyperlinked to start it corresponds to. Each hyperlink will let you know if the story is news or video. Although there is a fair amount of video down on his websites, we are not very fond of the design as it is a little confusing and definitely hard to read. The advertising located on the front page of this site is blended in with all the other images. Therefore, itís very easy to accidentally click on an advertisement rather than a news story. Watch what you click on as you may find yourself redirected to a sponsor related website.


All the news clips and video available on this site specifically pertain to entertainment. You can find the latest gossip on celebrities in all industries including musicians, television, and a screen. The entertainment provided on this website may be of a controversial nature. There is very little credible news most of it is gossip really. However, the entertainment channel has a very large following and there is no shortage of video available. The video provided is high quality. They consistently provide video clips throughout the day. However, it may be fun to spend time with on this website as they do provide a nice selection of photo galleries that offer many celebrity images.


The entertainment channel provides a number of reality based television series focusing on celebrities. Some of the celebrities involved in these television shows including The Kardashians, and the Jonas Brothers. Additionally, there are some talk shows hosted by some of Americaís longtime favorite comediennes including Joan Rivers. Website provides background information about the shows and actors in the shows. Additionally, you will find some latest episodes as well as behind the scenes footage and celebrity interviews in streaming video format. These videos are completely free to watch.

Entertainment News

The entertainment channel provides a new section that offers up to the minute breaking and news stories on all your favorite celebrities. They there are excellent job of providing the latest gossip to all of your viewers. This section is updated several times a day. Additionally, you will find further streaming video inside these news stories. However, itís not always clear which news stories how video clips. You will have to read the story to find video.


The entertainment channel provides podcasts series from their most popular programs. These programs include The Soup, Ask Anything, and Chelsea Lately. These podcasts are available through the Apple iTunes store. Each of these podcasts is free to download and listen to. Additionally, the entertainment channel provides a nice selection of RSS Feeds they are beneficial. Some of these feeds include movies, fashion, red carpet, news and there are many others. The entertainment channel allows use of these RSS Feeds and their content on other websites provided acts appropriate attribution is used.


The entertainment channel provides all other users with a free newsletter option. Subscribers of this newsletter will receive the latest updates on the entertainment channel and the news they provide. This will include information on the latest streaming video clips as well as other news items. There are two newsletter options; Entertainment news and Late Breaking Entertainment News. The late breaking entertainment news will provide you with many more updates that the latter.


We were not as thrilled with this television websites as we are with some of the others we have encountered. All will there are many streaming video clips available, they are very hard to find because the front page of the website is very confusing. However, the video is of high quality and they do above and beyond to update this website consistently. There will be no shortage of information for all viewers following this website. They do offer free downloads in the Apple iTunes store, but there are no apps that support will devices. But it is possible to receive updates from their RSS Feeds that are available. Usage of this website is completely free and does not require an off-line cable subscription.

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