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Disney Channel Belgium is the Belgian version of the Disney Channel, featuring Dutch and French-dubbed versions of the American Disney shows.

Disney Channel Romania is the Romainan branch of the international children's TV network Disney Channel. Disney Channel Romania consists almost entirely of shows and content made by Disney abroad, with most of the shows coming from America.

Created in 2010 as a replacement for the local Jetix channel, Disney Channel Russia is, as the name would imply, the Russian offshoot of the international franchise of Disney Channels. Featuring dubbed versions of children's favourites such as Hannah Monana and Wizards of Waverly Place, the network operates almost exclusively on content sourced from abroad, and carries shows aimed at varying children's age groups.

Disney Channel Scandinavia is a regional network of the Disney Channel operating in northern Europe. Almost all productions are imported from the American version of the network and are either dubbed or subtitled in the appropriate language of each country. The channel currently reaches viewers in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, and Estonia.

The British Isles branch of the international children's network, Disney Channel (UK & Ireland) is a channel that almost entirely airs the network's collection of original series and films from America.

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Disney Channel is owned by: Walt Disney Company

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Reviewer: Rachel - location: Poole - Date Added: 2012-11-30 16:05:55
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Summary: Despair at \'New\' Disney
Review: Disney used to be a safe haven for children, a place for them to be sheltered from inappropriate topics and the adult world. My mum could leave us to watch it when she was out of the room safe in the knowledge that we wouldn\'t be exposed to inappropriate language or topics. It fills me with deep sadness that this is no longer the case. I\'d always imagined sitting down to watch Playhouse Disney and eventually Disney Channel with my children in the future yet although it seemed a nice fantasy it will not be a reality. I want my children to grow up with appropriate age topics and role models to match. It is a great shame that Disney can no longer offer this. I know I am not alone in this belief, I strongly urge the powers that be to rethink the path the \'New\' Disney is going down and to turn it around before it is too late. They should create a New channel full of the good OLD shows full of balanced and appropriate role models that steer our children to a better future!
Reviewer: Bo - location: US - Date Added: 2012-06-06 09:21:11
Rating: (2.0) - 1 0
Summary: I love Disney
Review: But i dont love Disney online. It\'s full of games and clips, but where are the full episodes?? Booooo
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