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Discovery Fit and Health: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 20 Nov 2012


More than 2000 video clips available
Video clips are completely free
All videos high quality with high quality audio


Not all of the latest episodes are available
Some videos play automatically and may be slightly annoying

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

Discovery Fit and Health offers their users more than 2000 streaming videos. All videos are free to watch.



Discovery Fit and Health is owned by discovery communications with offices located in the United States. Their main purpose is to provide programming based on fitness and health. In the beginning, they were known as FitTv but programming for that channel merged with Discovery health and became known as Discovery Fit and Health on February 1, 2011.


Discovery Fit and health television channel broadcasts almost 30 original programs revolving around health and fitness. Each television program has its own subsection of the website where you can find additional background information for that television show. Not all of the latest episodes for each program are available. They choose to provide what they feel are the most important episodes for each of their programs and you will find many random episodes also. Additionally, they provide a large amount of video clips containing the most significant scenes from some of the episodes. Each program subsection of the website will offer additional educational videos surrounding the topic of that program. The purpose of these videos is intended for continued education giving viewers an opportunity to learn more about these fitness and health related topics. Topics included in these videos cover addiction, parenting, weight loss, and other important life issues. Videos provided on this website will range anywhere from two minutes to 50 minutes in length. Actually, we feel this website does an excellent job of providing plenty of video for their viewers to watch. Many of the programs they offer tend to have a large following due to the quality of the content in these programs with fitness being the most popular type of program offered.


All video on the Discovery fit and health television website are free to watch. Currently, there are more than 2000 videos available. These are mixture of episodes, video clips, and video intended to continue education on health topics. We also took note of the fact that these videos are very easy to find as we found videos located on almost every page of this website. The video is very high quality with exceptional audio and itís possible to watch them in full-screen mode. Viewers will easily find full scheduling available on the website to provide users with an opportunity to schedule their television watching weeks in advance. Random videos will load automatically on each program subsection of the site. This might be a little irritating for some but itís possible to stop each video as they begin to play and choose the video you would prefer to watch first.


The layout of the website provides users with ability to choose videos by listing the most popular or through searching for their favorite title. This website is advertisement supported with ads located on the right hand sidebar of the site but these advertisements are not intrusive; they will not get in the way of watching video clips. The colors chosen are easy on the eyes, but we do feel the type is a little small and hard to read. Those are the only challenges we find with the layout as navigation located at the top of the site coupled with the search function will help you find video clips you would like to watch very easily.


The Discovery fit and health channel website provides users with plenty of extras. The extras most notable are the articles providing additional information for topics covered on the website and in the programs. Users are able to find further information concerning most health related topics. Their educational articles cover medicine, business, parenting, mental health and pregnancy to name a few. Also available on this website are personal guides with health related backgrounds to give users all the information they need about their topic of interest. They have made a full encyclopedia available on this site for all health related topics covered. Furthermore, they provide their users with a free newsletter to receive updates as well as the latest news on their popular television programs. Of course, users will also be pleased to find a full e-commerce shopping section of the website as well as very detailed scheduling for up-and-coming television programs. For entertainment purposes they have provided a large assortment of fun and educational quizzes to participate in as well as a health-related blog that is updated many times each day.

Social Media

Discovery fit and health takes their social media very seriously. Their social media profiles will provide users with additional information not located on the website. Users are able to comment on articles using their Facebook log in information; no registration is needed on the site. Furthermore, many of their popular programs also have their own social media profiles.


Overall, we found this to be an educational and entertaining television website. They do an amazing job of providing many video clips for their viewers to watch. All video is informative and entertaining. Viewers will find they provide a large amount articles aimed at continuing education on these health related topics. Although the site is laid out very nicely, there may be too much information available on this site but the video do load very quickly and so does the website. Although we feel there may be too much information available on this site, if you are interested in health related topics you will have no trouble finding a video to answer your questions.

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Reviewer: bogartkick - location: Bacolod City, Philippines - Date Added: 2010-01-06 00:00:00
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Summary: A good quality professional health website
Review: This is one of the best health websites I ever
visited. It\'s truly professional as I can see
some of those who are successful in losing their
body fat. They have lots of health news,
updates, tips and other services we need in any
category like parenting, diseases, diet and
fitness, etc. I am so impressed about their
website which gained lots of viewers and
customers already who needs help about their

Like me, I have to get rid of my body fat and
other minor diseases as soon as possible, and
this website helped me a lot about proper diet
and nutrition. This health site is truly
recommended for all people, because they are
professional and honest to their services.
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