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Discovery Communications are a US based media company and owner of Various Documentary TV channels that include Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC and DMAX.

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Discovery Communications TV Channels: Animal Planet, DMAX, Discovery Channel, Discovery HD, Discovery Health, Discovery Real Time, Investigation Discovery, Oprah, Planet Green, Science Channel, TLC, Travel Channel

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Countries: UK, USA, Germany

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Reviewer: Norma D. Courtois - location: Venice,Fl - Date Added: 2013-08-05 00:44:38
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Summary: Shark week. Megladon Show on Sunday night is a FAKE just like The Mermaid Show of a month or so ago. Young minds are watching The crap that Discovery Channel is putting on TV lately and then to Find out that it is all bull and that the Biologist C
Review: Same as above stop watching if you want real true stories
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