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Country Music Television (CMT) Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 29 Oct 2012


Excellent audio quality
Some of the videos are presented on the first place
Radio section is handled very well


Some of the videos may be hard to find
Videos in some sections are random

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Streaming Video

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

There are plenty of studios available on this website but they take some time to find. The videos offered are very high quality. We found the best section of this website to be streaming radio.



Country music television, otherwise known as CMT, began in 1983 and was created by Glenn Daniels. In the beginning, The Nashville Network was their biggest competitor. CMT was intended to play music videos 24 hours a day. Since then, the agenda has changed to offer other programming as well.


The layout of the website is fairly well done. There is some advertising at the top of the site but doesnít get in the way of much. The navigational menu is very easy to understand and can be found very easily. On the right side of the website you will find latest news for country music television. There is a search functionality located at the top of the websites that makes navigation easy also. Links to streaming video are right on the front page and very easy to find. But additional video is located throughout the website as you begin to explore.

Streaming Video

The streaming video is very high quality and loads quickly. The country music television websites offers a selection of their latest episodes as well as video highlights. Viewing videos on the website is completely free. Also there are a few streaming videos available, there are not many at first glance. In fact, finding the video will take some exploring to find. There they are once you start to dig. However, the videos available provided stereo quality audio that performs very well on a computer. Additionally, the video highlights are not offer on the country music television TV station. These are only available on the web.


Some of the most popular programs include CMT Insider to do interviews from todayís most popular country music stars. They also offer music videos from todayís country music top hits. Additionally, some of their other programming includes reality television series such as Bayou Billionaires, Redneck Rehab, and Dallas cowboy cheerleaders. Some of their programs offer up to eleven of the latest episodes to watch from a website. They also offer video clips and teasers of these programs. The country music television website make it possible for users to share these videos on their website and with their friends by offering embed codes for each of their videos. They also do a very good job of providing a synopsis with each episode available. Itís actually very easy to learn more about the video youíre watching.


The country music television website focuses on country music videos also. In this section will provide a random selection of rotating country music videos that are available every day. Itís completely free to watch these videos and the audio is a very high quality. There is a large selection of videos available at all times. These videos are searchable by artist and also why the most popular video. You will also find some exclusive music videos only available on this website. It took some time to find these but you will notice them in the lower right hand corner of the site.


It is also possible to listen to country music radio on this website. They have seven different country music stations available. These nations include vintage country music, Bluegrass Country music, country music that has been nominated for Grammy award, country duets, as well as country news radio. Actually, the radio section of the country music television websites is done very well. We were quite pleased with the streaming audio available in this section. There are a large number of songs to choose from as well as specific stations that focus on just that country music category. These songs can also be searched by artist.


You will find a very expensive new section on the country music television channel websites. They do a very good job of offering the latest news for your favorite country music performers. Additionally, a free newsletter is offer so these news stories can be delivered to your e-mail as well. You will find interviews from your favorite country music stars, concert footage, as well as touring information for the most popular country music acts.


Overall, this website is not bad. The video is very high quality but itís hard to find. After spending a lifetime on this website, you will notice there are actually quite a few videos available. Perhaps the search function will help. Some of these videos are available right on the front page while others are offered on different subsections of the websites. However, we found the radio section to be very nice with a large selection of streaming audio available at all times. At first glance, the layout is very easy to understand which you will need to use the search function to find all the streaming video available. The free newsletter offer is very helpful for receiving the latest country music news.

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