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Cinemax has a selection of premium TV Channels that transmits mainly feature films and action series theres also documentaries and specials. Cinemax is operated by HBO.
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Cinemax: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 18 Jan 2013


Some of the series offer up to 10 of the latest episodes on website
Mobile application provided to watch on the go
The website provides scheduling is easy to understand


The mobile application must be used in conjunction with the off-line paid subscription service

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Original series
After Dark
Mobile applications

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Cinemax is a premium cable subscription television network that provides a nice selection of full episodes from their website. These episodes are free to watch and are presented in very high quality.



Cinemax, sometimes referred to as Max, is a premium cable television service that broadcasts feature films, action series, and documentaries. It was created by Time Warner to compete with The Movie Chanel; it is operated by HBO. After launching in 1980, it began broadcasting 24 hours a day. Unlike similar premium channels that do not broadcast all day. Currently, Cinemax is owned by CBS Corporations through their Showtime networks unit. It broadcasts to more than 1.6 million subscribers in the United States.

Original series

Currently, the Cinemax website provides complete descriptions for all of their original series. Additionally, this website does an excellent job of offering a full synopsis of each episode and complete scheduling. Fans of their original series can also enjoy numerous previews for various episodes as well as trailers for the entire series. Cinemax provides a wide variety of extras for each of their users. Viewers can enjoy video involving interviews from the cast in high-quality. They also provide a number of extras for each of their original series including profiles for each of the actors, downloadable post cards, and information on purchasing the episodes on DVD. Finally, Cinemax provide their website users with full photo galleries revolving around each of their shows. Users can enjoy images and clips from their favorite actors and television series.

After Dark

Cinemax after dark includes a number of original series that are only available in prime time due to their mature nature. These original series are award-winning and tend have a huge following. Much like their other series, Cinemax provides previews and trailers for each of their after dark originals. Currently, Cinemax offers six original series in the after dark category. Viewers are able to watch the latest full episodes. There are also a number of behind-the-scenes clips as well as actor interviews.


We were impressed with the number of video available on this website that were free for viewers to watch. Aside from the number of previews, trailers, and actors interviews, there is also a significant amount of full episodes available. In some situations, there were up to 10 of the latest episodes for each series. Additionally, there are plenty of extras for each series that viewers can watch and video format. The videos are offered in high-quality with possibility of adjusting the volume level. All videos load very quickly with no wait time.


Cinemax goes above and beyond to be sure users are kept up-to-date with the latest scheduling of all movies, documentaries, and original series. In fact, scheduling is provided on every subsection of the website as well as the Main page. Additionally, users can take see schedule listings in the right-hand sidebar. Itís very easy to plan future viewing as this website makes finding the next air dates for episodes extremely simple. Aside from the many locations scheduling can be found around the website, there is also a complete section devoted specifically to broadcasting schedule. The schedule can be viewed by day, week, or month.

Mobile applications

As mobile devices become more popular, Cinemax space up-to-date with the latest technology by providing their users with applications for the most popular mobile devices. Max Go can be downloaded for all Apple devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod as well as android devices. These mobile applications are completely free to use and download and can help viewers stay up-to-date with when their favorite programming will be airing. Applications can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store or the Google play for android store. Although this application is completely free to use in itself, itís intended to accompany a Cinemax paid subscription service. In order to receive the biggest benefit of this mobile application, an off-line cable subscription is required. However, this is a nice complements to an excellent premium cable channel.


Cinemax provides each of their website users with a newsletter which is free to subscribe to. This newsletter will keep readers up-to-date on the latest news involving Cinemax as well as information regarding their programming and original series. Users never have to be concerned with falling behind on their favorite programs as this newsletter will provide plenty of information not found elsewhere.


For a paid subscription service website, Cinemax provides a lot of nice free episodes that viewers can watch from the website. Some of their original series contain up to 10 of the latest full episodes. This is more than most other planning cable subscription services provide for free. Each video available is very quickly with exceptional audio is well. Truth be told, itís possible to watch most of their original series without ever having to subscribe to their off-line service. Of course, the off-line service is certainly worth the as they have a long list of satisfied viewers. In any case, we feel is the five-star website.

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