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The fifth and final of the original analogue terrestrial channels, Channel 5 (also known as 'Channel Five' or '5') shows a range of general entertainment content, including imported Australian soap operas Home & Away and Neighbours, along with reality series such as Big Brother and The Hotel Inspector. With the channel also broadcasting sports (such as live UEFA Europa League football), news, and imported shows from America, the network features a wide range of content, facilitating many of these shows into a catch-up service on their website, known as Demand 5.

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Channel 5 is owned by: Northern & Shell

Other Northern & Shell TV Channels: 5USA
Other Northern & Shell Websites: Five on demand, Northern & Shell
Other Northern & Shell apps: Demand 5
TV Shows on Channel 5: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, FlashForward, Journeyman, Law & Order, Person of Interest, The Walking Dead

Country: UK
Channel 5 Is available in: Russia, UK
Visits Today: 1493
Total Visits: 7049
Tags: Movies & TV Shows, Catchup TV Networks, General, Entertainment, TV Channels
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