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Blinkbox is a Pay as you watch type service offering a wide range movies and shows. It also has a selection of Free TV as well. The service operates a rent or buy policy and is owned by retailer Tesco, so you can expect a lot more content deals.
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Blinkbox: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 08 Jan 2013


Thousands of available titles
Offering both movies and television programs
Able to provide titles sooner than most subscriptions services
Users have 30 days to watch titles after purchase
Sign-up is free, apps are free, and payment is only required to watch titles


No Cons

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Special Offers
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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

Blinkbox is a streaming media service located in the United Kingdom. Payment is made per title and not monthly. It is compatible with multiple devices.



Blinkbox is an on-demand movie streaming service in the United Kingdom. There are some who believe Blinkbox is the best movie streaming service in the UK. Founded in 2006, Blinkbox is owned by the retailer Tesco. It is a 100% legal service for watching streaming movies and television programs before they become mainstream.


One of the biggest benefits of Blinkbox is the lack of any subscription needed. There is no need to pay a monthly service fees to view streaming movies whenever you wish. Blinkbox only requires users to pay on-demand for what they wish to watch at the time they wish to watch it. Blinkbox provides its users with all recent releases including the latest blockbuster movies months, and sometimes years before they are available in other subscription services. Users have the ability to rent titles at their convenience and are not required to watch for a full 30 days. If a user purchases the title from Blinkbox, they may enjoy it forever.


As mentioned above, Blinkbox offers its users a nice selection of the latest movies in a wide variety of genres. The latest blockbuster films are available in the following categories: action, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, music, romance, science fiction, sports, thrillers, and horror. Movies are very easy to find with search capabilities on the website. Additionally, they can be searched in alphabetical order or by category. Movies are also listed by bestseller, what’s new, and top picks. Blinkbox even makes the links to tell their users what titles they will have available in the future. Currently, there are over 3500 movie titles available.

Special Offers

What are most beneficial about Blinkbox is their special offers. This provides users with a collection of multiple titles depending on which special offer they choose. In fact, some of their special offers included more than 30 movie titles. Finally, the Blinkbox has a selection video trailers that are free to watch from the website. The video trailers normally include the latest movie releases. Therefore, there are a little over 70 video trailers available to watch and movies section. These are of very high quality and users will have no difficulty viewing these videos.


Aside from the latest movie titles, Blinkbox also offers their users a nice selection of television programs. Television programs are available in the following categories: animation, comedy, documentaries, drama, kids, music,s cience-fiction, and sports. These are searchable in a similar manner as the movie titles. They can be searched by title with the search function and are also layout in alphabetical order. There are almost 500 available programs to watch. Much like the movie above, Blinkbox provides special collections and offers were multiple titles can be viewed. Most of these special offers included more than 20 titles. Truth be told, between the movies and available television programs, there is more than enough entertainment provided by Blinkbox, without ever needing a monthly subscription.

Devices Supported

Blinkbox is fully supported by consoles, computers, Smart Tvs, and tablets. In order to enjoy these services, a user must have a Blinkbox account that is completely free to set up. Blinkbox is fully compatible on Apple’s Mac and Windows PC computers. Playstaion 3 and Xbox 360 are also capable of streaming titles through Blinkbox. Once more, and just an internet connection is required. Xbox 360 users can find the Blinkbox app after navigating to the Xbox apps marketplace from their console. Once that has been accomplished, it’s only necessary to navigate to Blinkbox to take advantage of these services. Playstation users need only navigate to the Blinkbox website. Blinkbox apps can also be downloaded for Android tablets and iPads. Apps are completely free to download and are very easy to use. Smart TVs supported include Samsung, LG, Phillips, and Toshiba. Aside from the normal devices, Blinkbox can also be enjoyed on LG Blueray players, and LG and Technika Set-Top Boxes. All users require an Internet connection.


Blinkbox is an extremely beneficial and easy to use service that has found a way to provide their users with bigger benefits than other subscription streaming video services. Most of these rival services charge a monthly fee even if titles are not viewed. However, Blinkbox allows users to pay only as titles are viewed. Users will be more than happy with the extensive collection of titles available for rent or purchase. There are hundreds of television programs and thousands of available movies. We were also pleased with the numerous devices Blinkbox is compatible with. However, the biggest benefit of Blinkbox is the ability to provide users with titles months, and in some situations years, before other monthly subscription services are able to offer them. This is a winning service!

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Reviewer: Des - location: Uk - Date Added: 2012-05-16 16:28:57
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Summary: Blinkyboxy
Review: Love a bit of blink box, the movies & shows are iTunes prices but they give some free stuff as well. Cannot fault it.
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