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Some great TV videos concentrating on the lives of the famous.
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Biography Channel (bio.) Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 29 Oct 2012


High quality video
High quality audio
Interesting people are covered in these biographies


No apps provided for other devices
Most of the videos are not full length
The layout is a little confusing

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Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

This website does not provide a lot of features that other television websites provide. The video is very high quality but many are only a few minutes in length. We feel they can offer more full-length videos.



The biography Channel, otherwise known as true story, was launched in 1999. In 2006, the biography Channel became home to the biography series of was once hosted on the A&E network. In 2007, the biography Channel became known as bio true story.


The layout of this website is a little confusing. Itís created in a magazine type layout. However, the columns are a little out of alignments which makes the website confusing. Additionally, there is a slider at the top of the website leading to other links within a websites that is really big and moves too quickly to provide effective navigation. However, the navigational menu located at the top of the website is very easy to understand. Each link provides a drop-down menu to dig deeper into these websites subsections. After a little bit of time, the website becomes easier to understand, but at first glance itís a little difficult.


The biography Channel is home to the video and text biographies of the most famous people in history. These people include politicians, celebrities, dictators throughout time, musicians, writers, directors, and a variety of famous people and the number of different professions. These biographies are detailed and provide a nice overview of the person covered. This website is really good about providing images, additional content, as well as outside resources for each biography they offer. While there are some full episodes available online, the majority of these videos are provided in many biography formats. These video clips tend to be only a few minutes long. Although these videos are very short, they are still presented very well. There are a lot of interesting facts offered in these short video clips that you will find very satisfying.

Streaming Video

The video is high-quality and loads very quickly. Each of their videos is completely free to watch. Currently, around 2200 of these mini biography videos are available; about 300 of these videos are full episodes ranging from 22 minutes to 50 minutes long. These videos are viewable in full screen mode and can be organized in alphabetical order, order by all reviews and mini biographies. They are easy to sort through wet title and video thumbnails for each video. Although the layout of this website is a little confusing, the streaming video layout is very easy-to-read. Additionally, full biography DVDs can be purchased in case the full bio is not offered on the website.

Email Updates

The biography Channel websites offers only e-mail updates or news in latest biographical information offered on the website and on the television channel. This newsletter is completely free. The biography channel website is also prominent in social media including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Stumble Upon. So updates can be received through those avenues as well. Additionally, this website offers several RSS feeds that you can also subscribe to or receiving specific information from the websites. This will allow you to be number five new videos are available without having to visit the bio to his story website.


The bio two-story website does not offer any applications for any of your devices. However, they are prepared to give updates to your mobile devices by providing a text message when updates are available. By sending a text message to the biography Channel you can become a BIO VIP and receive updates on your cell phone. This is a completely free service. No more than three text messages will be sent in a weekís time. Although the biography Channel does not charge for this service, service fees may apply through your cell phone carrier. This is not an exceptional feature considering most of the streaming video television websites offer applications for your devices. However, at least they are making the effort.


Full scheduling is available for up and coming biography programs on the television channel. This is easily found on their website located at the top right-hand corner. However, scheduling provided on the websites only takes place per day. It is not possible to schedule watching your favorite programs in advance.


For the most part, this is a very nice website. However, we feel there could be more full-length biographies available. There are over 2000 streaming video clips available to watch for free. However, some of these are only a few minutes long. Additionally, this television channel also fails in providing applications for other devices. The video provided is of high quality. This website is also very good about offering image galleries, additional content, and outside resources for the people covered in these biographies. Furthermore, the scheduling is easy to understand what it is not possible to plan ahead. Although this website does make a very good effort, it still falls short in many areas. However, the people covered in these biographies are very interesting.

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