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Acorn TV offers the best of British TV, specializing in commercial free drama and offering over 125 hours of content including full seasons to choose from and more being added all the time.

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Reviewer: Kathy Van - location: TN - Date Added: 2017-01-07 18:43:41
Rating: (0.5) - 2 0
Summary: I wish I hadn't renewed
Review: I don't know why Acorn won't play on any of our devices--SLOW, buffering, pause, timed out, we can't watch any videos. I don't understand why this is when I can watch Acorn on YouTube, but it is on a small screen there. I will not renew our Acorn subscription--total rip off; they probably want you to buy their over priced CD collections.
Reviewer: Kathy Van - location: TN - Date Added: 2017-01-07 17:36:01
Rating: (0.5) - 2 0
Summary: I wish I hadn't renewed
Review: I don't know why Acorn won't play on any of our devices--SLOW, buffering, pause, timed out, we can't watch any videos. I don't understand why this is when I can watch Acorn on YouTube, but it is on a small screen there. I will not renew our Acorn subscription--total rip off; they probably want you to buy their over priced CD collections.
Reviewer: roy berg - location: usa - Date Added: 2016-12-31 17:56:29
Rating: (0.0) - 4 1
Summary: waste of time and money
Review: really good videos but they can't be watched videos stop all the time and then won't play again impossible to see a full show

Reviewer: cynthia vann - location: maine usa - Date Added: 2016-12-31 17:52:48
Rating: (0.0) - 4 1
Summary: acorn is not useable and there is no help offered
Review: horrible videos won't work I have written to them 8 times and still no help

Reviewer: cheesdown - location: windowsXP - Date Added: 2016-12-09 07:33:20
Rating: (2.5) - 1 0
Summary: download video from
Review: I will recommend an Acorn TV downloader - Allavsoft wwhich can help you download Acorn TV Video to MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, AVI.
Reviewer: Madalyn Mincks - location: Seattle, WA - Date Added: 2016-11-19 18:48:11
Rating: (0.0) - 5 0
Summary: Need to start totally over if I leave the program even for 10 minutes.
Review: I totally love acorntv, but am totally annoyed that I cannot fast forward to where I left off. The program starts from the beginning. Please help address this problem and/or let me know how I might fast forward as needed.
Reviewer: MJ Shere - location: Phoenix AZ - Date Added: 2016-11-17 19:14:02
Rating: (1.0) - 3 1
Summary: What a pity - such great programs but terrible platform
Review: We are trying to unplug cable/dish and found the programs on Acorn TV were just what we were missing. We are into the 3rd day of the trial period and EVERY show we have watched has stopped several times and jumped to the end. Then you have to start all over by selecting the show and finding your place again. I'm so disappointed that the programming doesn't work. I guess I'll cancel and check back in a year or so to see if they worked out the bugs. For now, it's just a huge waste of time. And no response from their customer service. This is not the way to grow a customer base, Acorn!
Reviewer: Bossbill - location: Seattle - Date Added: 2016-11-13 02:40:41
Rating: (0.0) - 4 0
Summary: Can't get userid/password to work, despite numerous resets. C/S is a joke. Their Facebook page is a joke.
Review: It's such a shame since the feed through a Samsung TV worked -- for a while.
Then the login issues.
You can use your uid/passwd and attempt to login, but it never accepts it. However, once you have entered your uid/passwd you can login is a guest and it knows who you are. However, every time you get back in you have to reenter your uid/pass.
One workaround is to use a Firestick and come in through Amazon. However, this method has frame rate issues.
Reviewer: mark - location: Boca Raton Florida - Date Added: 2016-09-13 18:00:04
Rating: (2.0) - 3 1
Summary: You cannot watch on Samsung Smart TV products.
Review: Samsung does NOT support Acorn on their platform. I don't know why, but they told me they do not support the application. So, next time, buy some other hardware. Note: Acorn parent is about to be acquired by AMC. This is happening NOW. Hopefully they will have a better relationship with Samsung than exists with RLJ entertainment.
Reviewer: Jerry Schmutte - location: Miwaukee - Date Added: 2016-07-18 14:33:14
Rating: (0.5) - 7 0
Summary: Forget about Acorn
Review: Bought Acorn after it became available on Firestick. Multiple bugs. Got no help from Acorn or Firestick. Extreme frustration.
Reviewer: Sam in Ax - location: Virginia - Date Added: 2016-06-27 17:39:26
Rating: (0.0) - 6 1
Summary: Non-existent tech support
Review: The only way to contact support is by email. You receive a canned response that they will address your concern soon. After about a month I got a non-committal message that they were working on one of my two problems that had long since cleared up; no word at all on the second problem . Without any further communication to or from me,two months later they closed the tickets.
Reviewer: Mary HW - location: USA Richmond, VA - Date Added: 2016-06-10 04:03:00
Rating: (1.0) - 6 1
Summary: I love the shows they offer but....
Review: I love the shows they offer but it doesn't matter because it buffers so much that I can't enjoy watching. Sometimes it says video can't be downloaded. I don't know what the issue is but I have Hulu and Netflix and have no problems viewing either one. I wrote to them but still having issues. I'm good to have to cancel soon because there's no need to pay for service that I can't use.
Reviewer: Mac - location: Pennsylvania - Date Added: 2016-05-02 16:45:40
Rating: (2.0) - 5 0
Summary: We signed up for a 1month FREE TRIAL thru ROKU. And Canceled...
Review: We signed up for a 1month FREE TRIAL thru ROKU. Canceled in that free month! ROKU/Acorn has Billed us for 3 times since that trial!!!??? Each month we must call our ccard CO to have them refund Illegal billing of $4.99 per month! I Cannot recommend Acorn!
Reviewer: John C - location: eastern Iowa - Date Added: 2016-02-21 21:43:38
Rating: (0.0) - 14 0
Summary: Terrible video quality
Review: My DSL downloads at 10mbps, and I have no problem steaming Amazon or Netflix. But Acorn constantly freezes, buffers and sometimes just quits. Even when it works the picture is often blurry. Great shows, but will soon cancel if it does not improve. Acorn will not last long if they do not fix this problem.
Reviewer: Dennis - location: Las Cruces NM - Date Added: 2016-02-05 00:17:53
Rating: (0.0) - 10 2
Reviewer: Susan Smith - location: Northeast Ohio - Date Added: 2016-01-30 04:11:49
Rating: (0.0) - 8 2
Summary: Acorn TV - HORRIBLE
Review: I love Acorn TV more than Netflix but am going to have to cancel because of the constant freezing and
buffering. Using with Samsung TV's and a TV with Roku. Cannot stream any programs. No issues with Netflix. So frustrating.....
Reviewer: Dave Lander - location: Roy, Ut. - Date Added: 2016-01-25 14:17:26
Rating: (0.0) - 7 1
Summary: programing is great. Just don't try to use it.....waste of time.
Review: streaming is terrible. Stops immediately after download. very annoying.... no such thing as a help desk or online help. They just ignore you. They send you the "do not respond" note, but nothing is EVER resolved...........Today is my last with them. I'm headed to cancellation city.
Reviewer: Sherry Blanks - location: Virginia, USA - Date Added: 2015-12-31 01:01:01
Rating: (5.0) - 4 4
Summary: LOVE!!!
Review: Has always worked GREAT for me and since I only care for British programs, I am a FOREVER customer!
Reviewer: Lesley - location: NYC - Date Added: 2015-12-09 01:03:30
Rating: (0.0) - 6 2
Summary: Terrible Customer Service. Absolutely useles.
Review: So angry. My Roku crashed and I had forgotten my password for Acorn TV. I have tried over the last 3 days to get a password from customer service. I think I tried about 12 passwords from them. None worked. I finally tried to contact CS via email. All I got was yet another useless password, and on attempting to contact CS yet again, all I got was a black screen? I am disgusted. They either fix this or I will cancel my subscription, ( I noted that the subscription was already taken out of my account on 5/12/5/2015), I will contact my bank.
Reviewer: Irene - location: Washington - Date Added: 2015-12-02 20:27:23
Rating: (1.0) - 7 1
Summary: Not worth it anymore, can't get any new shows to work
Review: Acorn worked well for me for two years and suddenly over the past month or so I can't get any new shows to update so can only view the old stuff that's been there forever. Customer service from Acorn is the worst I have ever experienced, they just don't seem to care. Sadly I'm done with Acorn and will use other venues to view British content.
Reviewer: wanda - location: Canada - Date Added: 2015-10-19 01:17:39
Rating: (0.0) - 6 0
Summary: Show stopping half way through
Review: I can, t seem to watch a whole show on my ipad. I had the service 2 months ago and cancelled it with no problem. I love the content and would love to be able to get this to work. I watch half of the show and a sign comes up saying the video is not available. Any suggestions?
Reviewer: Don - location: Pittsburgh, Pa. - Date Added: 2015-08-23 02:50:47
Rating: (0.0) - 3 0
Summary: Trying to watch a Time Team show while an Insp. Margaret closed caption scrolls across. At least this is something new from the usual buffering, freezers, etc. I don't know what's wrong with this company but I've just a BBC out had it.
Review: Ridiculous
Reviewer: Forrest Lax - location: USA - Date Added: 2015-08-12 21:14:27
Rating: (0.5) - 3 0
Summary: Poor response!
Review: After working fine for a period of time I began to get clips and trailers when I attempted to view programs. After I complained the problems ended. Now they have recurred and there has been no response to my complaint. If they are not forthcoming, I will cancel my subscription.
Reviewer: Jim Patchell - location: Goleta, CA USA - Date Added: 2015-07-15 21:34:48
Rating: (0.5) - 8 0
Summary: Would be great if it would stop crashing.
Review: We are in the middle of our free trial. The streams keep crashing on our Samsung Smart TV. We keep getting a Network Error. Really. Acorn is the only one with this trouble. Requests for help to solve this problem have fallen on deaf ears. I think we will cancel.
Reviewer: Dawn Simon - location: Toronto - Date Added: 2015-05-29 16:33:04
Rating: (3.0) - 4 0
Summary: Taking payment after cancellation.
Review: I was quite happy with the service until I cancelled due to not using it. They cancelled my service but are continuing to take payments from my credit card. They do not respond to emails and do not return calls from their support line. Their customer service refuse to help and just keep bouncing you to an answering service.
Reviewer: Jeff Hanna - location: Fresno, Ca. - Date Added: 2015-05-07 01:07:43
Rating: (5.0) - 1 0
Summary: Excellent in every way.
Review: Super good. Love it - and no, I have NO personal connection to Acorn, am just a lover of British TV. Have no idea why all of the complaining people here have problems. We have ROKU. Works like a charm. Totally satisfied.
Reviewer: Don - location: Berlin, CT - Date Added: 2015-03-31 15:54:51
Rating: (3.0) - 6 0
Summary: Great programming, so-so technically
Review: We subscribed to Acorn to get British TV that is not available on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Most of the time it works well, but on occasion the signal is lost, the show stops, and we must wait and reconnect. Sometimes the stops are so frequent the show is not watchable. Other times, it is one or two per show, which is tolerable. We do not have these problems with Netflix, Amazon, or Crackle. We use a Roku box to pick up the streaming signal from our server. Might try to use our new smart Blu Ray player instead of the Roku, but Acorn is not loaded onto it and I have to figure out how to do that. Don't know if that will help, but it's worth a try.
Reviewer: Paul - location: NJ - Date Added: 2015-02-27 01:15:51
Rating: (1.0) - 7 1
Summary: No tech support - I don't think that they care if you stay or go
Review: Been a subscriber for years with no problem except for pauses to fill cache. Now, when I try to watch a video, they take me to the sign up screen and I can't see anything but trailers. Tech support is non-existent. I tried the email route and the "tech" sent me directions on how to unsubscribe. Further inquiries have been unanswered. I guess I will take them up on unsubscribing - too bad because I really love the movies.
Reviewer: Scam Buster - location: South Carolina - Date Added: 2015-02-05 11:03:37
Rating: (0.0) - 12 3
Summary: Attention FTC, FBI, and Interpol. Fraud, Scam, Theft, FTC Violation, Swindle, Wire Fraud, International Crime, Racket, Class Action Lawsuit.
Review: The legal definition of Scam is a deceptive sale of goods or services to a consumer designed to extract money unreasonably excessive given the services rendered or goods provided, if any. The legal definition of Bad Faith is intent to deceive. The legal definition of Fraud is false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations. The legal definition of Swindle is to cheat through trick, device, false statements or other fraudulent methods with the intent to acquire money or items from another to which the perpetrator is not entitled. Acorn, you have been bilking your victims for years. Perhaps it is time to Press Charges against you, and file a Class Action Lawsuit. Acorn, do we have your attention yet?
Reviewer: Irish Queen - location: Missouri - Date Added: 2015-02-01 03:45:58
Rating: (2.5) - 7 0
Summary: Temporary internet files folder filling up causes video to freeze
Review: Regarding my two previous posts, I have narrowed down the problem to the Temporary Internet Files folder. If your streaming video freezes, empty this folder and the problem is resolved. See If you don't mind doing this every 3 hours, then AcornTV is a good site, but it obviously can't handle marathon streaming without taking this step.
Reviewer: Irish Queen - location: Missouri - Date Added: 2015-02-01 03:36:38
Rating: (2.5) - 2 0
Summary: Fixed video freezing problem
Review: Yesterday I wrote that I might have found a fix to the video freezing problem by emptying my cache folders, but I wasn't sure if I could duplicate the fix. Today I did duplicate it. I watched 2 episodes of a series, then halfway through the 3rd episode the video froze and would not continue. I tried another series, and it played for half a minute and froze. I could not play anything. So I logged out of AcornTV, closed my browser and ran CCleaner, which emptied my TEMP folder, my Temporary Internet Files, my Recycle Bin, my Clipboard, and deleted all unnecessar4y cookies. I then opened my browser, logged into AcornTV, and was able to pick up the episode that had frozen and watch it. I watched 2 more hours of video with no problem. It seems there might be some kind of limit on caching of the streaming video. We have a software program where I work that has a similar problem - it stops working if the user gets more than 99 items in their TEMP folder. This may be something similar, but I have not narrowed down which folder is critical.
Reviewer: Irish queen - location: Missouri - Date Added: 2015-01-31 03:01:47
Rating: (2.5) - 2 0
Summary: Acorn TV videos play for a minute then freeze.
Review: Sometimes I am able to watch 2 or 3 shows on Acorn TV, then I go to the next episode and it plays for a minute, then freezes. Every episode I try after that does the same. I had the idea of clearing my TEMP folder, my Temporary Internet Files folder, and my Cookies. After doing this I was able to play any Acorn video I chose for hours. I don't know if I can duplicate this again, but it worked once. I recommend a freeware program called CCleaner, which cleans your temporary folders and cookies quickly and easily. It is highly configurable, but be warned you have to select those inmportant cookies from sites you regularly visit and don't want deleted, such as your bank, Facebook, Amazon, etc.
Reviewer: Ken - location: California - Date Added: 2015-01-22 03:59:53
Rating: (4.0) - 4 0
Summary: Great value for $5/mo, especially after mostly fixing the stop & start problem
Review: I was encountering the same problem so many have written about, and it was very frustrating. I wrote to support, and they told me:
STEP 1 While video is playing, right click anywhere in the player area (on a Mac you would control click), which will display the Adobe FLASH Player’s Settings menu. Click on the first item, Settings….

STEP 2 Uncheck the Enable Hardware Acceleration and click close
Rather than the problem happening every time we watched, it has now happened during only ONE session (multiple times, so I gave up for then) after an entire week. So it isn't perfect, but it is MUCH better.

Other than this problem, I think it's a super value. They have scores of shows, most with ALL seasons available. Every month 5-10 shows are added, and a couple are dropped.
Reviewer: joe - location: Washington - Date Added: 2015-01-07 15:20:45
Rating: (0.5) - 2 0
Summary: Signed up beginning of December '14, tried to cancel the same day because I couldn't get assistance from tech support. Although payment was processed, Acorn says they can't find my account and it has been over 6 weeks trying to get a refund. Been tol
Review: Horrible customer service,48 hrs to nothing at all responses from technical service and customer support, if you want empty promises than, continuing follow up, Acorn TV is for you
Reviewer: dmast - location: Sacramento, Ca - Date Added: 2014-11-19 04:14:17
Rating: (0.0) - 5 0
Summary: Unwatchable due to streaming problems.
Review: Unable to watch because of streaming problems. Amazon works fine. Acorn stops after about 7 minutes, then stops and starts every minute or so after that. Sometimes stops for very long periods without resetting (>5 min).
Reviewer: Mary B - location: Maine USA - Date Added: 2014-11-12 14:17:57
Rating: (3.0) - 1 0
Summary: I don\'t have the streaming problems like a lot of the reviewers have on here.
Review: My biggest problem is that the same old programming stays on for months! I could have watched it 10 times over!! The other problem is that Acorn only puts 1 or 2 episodes on some of their shows. Brideshead Revisited has been on for almost a year! Britain takes their time making new episodes to the latest new fprograms too! Come on!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Bella - location: Washington, DC - Date Added: 2014-10-24 17:24:23
Rating: (0.0) - 7 0
Summary: Tech problems, credit card problems, over-charging, horrible customer/tech \"service\".
Review: I tried signing up for their streaming service, their website had credit card authentication problem and wouldn\'t get past that page EXCEPT they charged my card FOUR times, even though they\'re not supposed to - this was during the \"free\" trial. Wrote customer service, never heard back. Contacted my credit card company, they said it looks like a scam and blocked the company, by my request. Finally got a customer service number today, had to call 5 times to get a hold of someone, and she wanted to try a different address for my credit card? What kind of a scam is this?? I said that wouldn\'t work and she had no idea how to fix the problem, didn\'t seem to care much anyway. I\'m not sure how they\'ll stay in business, but I\'ll just stick with Netflix, with supplements from Amazon Prime. What a ridiculous experience!
Reviewer: salyenka - location: montreal - Date Added: 2014-10-24 05:57:38
Rating: (4.5) - 1 1
Summary: Very pleased!
Review: Excellent programs. Any that I\'ve watched so far have been very good to great. I watch them on my desktop or laptop with no problems. Clear and continuous. I did come across two series where the visual would freeze momentarily each time the closed caption changed text. The sound was unaffected. As soon as I switched off the cc, normal service resumed.
Reviewer: amy - location: capital region, ny - Date Added: 2014-09-18 22:57:10
Rating: (0.0) - 9 0
Summary: as many have stated, great catalog, erratic streaming. Sometimes completely unable to load anything. Ridiculous and frustrating.
Review: very disappointing
Reviewer: Dianne - location: O.P.KS - Date Added: 2014-09-13 10:08:18
Rating: (0.5) - 5 1
Summary: Love available programing but so many tech problems now won\'t let me watch anything contacted customer service not response cancelled
Review: non- exsistent customer service love content but all of a sudden won\'t let me play anything contacted customer service... nothing, no response so I cancelled even though can\'t watch anything the still make you pay. Please pay attention to reviews I wish I had
Reviewer: barb - location: usa - Date Added: 2014-09-12 11:01:01
Rating: (0.0) - 3 1
Summary: appears to be a scam...
Review: I\'ve been unable to play ANY shows for days due to \"...this player unable, etc...\' or I need flash drive. Hulu plays...Netflix plays. When I called the 800 number, I GOT A FREAKING AD! NO ONE answered.

What the hell?
Reviewer: Juanita Flick - location: Olney, MD - Date Added: 2014-08-13 11:20:17
Rating: (0.0) - 0 1
Summary: Could not see the ending of Poirot\'s, Elephants Can Remember.
Review: Was really enjoying the first of the last three Poirot episodes, Elephants Can Remember. I was almost at the end of the show and it suddenly stopped. Couldn\'t see the ending. It stopped at 1:32:22. I have been a member for about 2 years. I guess Poirot fans will all have to wait until PBS broadcasts the show in NOV.
Reviewer: Kathy - location: California - Date Added: 2014-08-02 23:05:58
Rating: (3.0) - 2 0
Summary: Wonderful content terrible reception
Review: I\'m so disappointed that in the last couple of months acorn has become almost impossible to watch through my roku. I know it\'s not the roku because I can get other stations. It\'s so frustrating that I get about 2/3 through a great program and then it freezes!
On their website it says one % are having problems. I must be in the 1%!
Reviewer: Nellie - location: West New York - Date Added: 2014-07-30 11:29:58
Rating: (2.0) - 3 0
Summary: What happened?
Review: Tried to watch the second episode of a mystery, and it just kept streaming - this is my third day, I got so frustrated that I stood up and my Ipad fell on the floor. They keep saying its my computer\'s fault, but then I tried it on my phone, and another computer and it plays for 2 minutes and shuts off. Will attempt until the 3lst, then will cancel. Too bad, it was an excellent service before this.
Reviewer: Mary - location: Rochester, ny - Date Added: 2014-07-19 19:57:55
Rating: (1.0) - 7 0
Summary: Frequent hang-ups are so disruptive... getting to the point of not renewing subscription.
Review: I have the newest Roku and TV... all channels wotk beautifully except for Acorn. There are frequent hang-ups and when I try to reboot and select \"resume\", it starts from the beginning again. Very frustrating to constantly have to fast forward to find the spot where it did it\'s hang-up. It\'s too bad because I really like the programs but the streaming is TERRIBLE.
Reviewer: Josephine Agresta - location: United States - Date Added: 2014-07-15 20:46:04
Rating: (3.0) - 3 1
Summary: Maybe this will help
Review: I too had problems streaming without the constant reloading. I too followed the directions from customer service to no avail. This is what works for me. I disconnect my Roku from the power outlet when I have finished watching for the evening and reconnect next time I watch. Don\'t know why it works, but it does.
Reviewer: Michelle - location: Burbank, CA - Date Added: 2014-07-08 13:01:22
Rating: (0.0) - 4 0
Summary: Acorn is asleep at the wheel! So frustrating!
Review: Boy am I glad it isn\'t just me. This channel is impossible. Great programming, that you can\'t watch! I have called Acorn and have been told that it is a transcoding problem. This channel has always been problematic. I just wonder who is at the wheel over there!
Reviewer: John W Michael - location: Chicago - Date Added: 2014-07-07 21:42:26
Rating: (2.0) - 7 0
Summary: Great idea; unique content; lousy streaming experience
Review: We love Brit movies and TV and my wife often buys DVDs from Acorn so we were delighted when this channel appeared on Roku. Unfortunately, Acorn has the chronic streaming problems noted by many others even with the lowest quality video. This seems to be a software limitation as none of these problems occur with other Roku channels or on my Apple TV. Best workaround thus far has been to watch on my iPad and use Apple\'s AirPlay feature to wirelessly stream to ATV2 to view on my HDTV. But, this is only feasible if you already have this Apple hardware.
Reviewer: Debra - location: indianapolis - Date Added: 2014-07-07 15:41:01
Rating: (5.0) - 2 5
Summary: GREAT! my Roku was the problem....
Review: I have NEVER had a problem with AcornTV... LOVE IT...however I have had trouble with my Roku worries, I just stream through my laptop.
Reviewer: Betsey - location: NC - Date Added: 2014-07-05 18:24:54
Rating: (1.5) - 5 0
Summary: Superb shows but don\'t sign up! You will NOT be able to watch a single show without tearing your hair out in frustration.
Review: Well, Acorn is turning out to be as great a disappointment as a husband I once had. I divorced him and will do the same with Acorn. Like him, Acorn looks like they have everything, including good character, but they are thoughtless, selfish, and unconcerned with my pleasure. Get the picture?
Reviewer: jon - location: berkeley - Date Added: 2014-07-04 14:55:07
Rating: (2.0) - 6 0
Summary: Good programming, lousy streaming, lousy customer service
Review: Constant interruptions in Acorn streaming make viewing the great programming almost impossible, though no such problems on Netflix, Amazon or other channels. I\'ve followed directions for contacting Acorn about the problem and been assured everything will; be fixed \"by the end of the week\" -- about a month ago. Also, VERY difficult to contact them about problems. No place to call or email. I\'m about to cancel, which is too bad because I do like the programming.
Reviewer: Rebecca Burns - location: Madison, AL - Date Added: 2014-07-01 17:28:27
Rating: (0.5) - 3 0
Summary: I really like the programs but it is impossible to watch.
Review: Cannot believe anyone would run a business like this. I have called and they tell me to send them an email. That doesn\'t work either. From the previous reviews it doesn\'t do any good to try and cancel. Don\'t know what to do now.
Reviewer: Laura Williamson - location: United States - Date Added: 2014-06-28 00:25:00
Rating: (0.5) - 1 0
Summary: Terrible video quality - audio video not in sync - unresponsive customer service
Review: It was GREAT in 2013. Great shows good quality this year it is terrible. They blame ROKU. I don\'t have these problems with Netflixs. I spend 40 minutes trouble shooting with Roku. Deleted the channel added it back. Checked for updates on and on. There is no problem with ROKU. . . IT IS THEM. Aging Servers and crappy programmers.
Reviewer: Bob - location: Oregon - Date Added: 2014-06-17 00:07:30
Rating: (3.0) - 1 0
Summary: Gave it a 3 because Murdoch is not available (cheaply) anywhere else
Review: I was cranked to hear that the new Murdoch Mysteries was on. But when it hunt up 5-8 times in the last 5 minutes; after multiple hangups in the middle of the show....well.

Oddly enough I was able to watch an entire episode of Murdoch on my iPhone without a problem...hard to share that small screen.
I will be non-renewing due to content of one of the programs anyway,
Reviewer: James King - location: Florida USA - Date Added: 2014-06-14 21:40:25
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: There\'s a glitch but they haven\'t fixed it for four days.
Review: Excellent programming but after several days and multiple emails all I know is that they know I have a problem. I am paid through may of 2015 but that programming is still not available for viewing.
Reviewer: maya - location: manhattan - Date Added: 2014-06-02 20:45:35
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: Why bother
Review: Great programming but utterly useless when it cant be watched ...duh...pull it together acorn... this isnt the 90s
Reviewer: Toby Brodrick - location: Seattle - Date Added: 2014-05-31 00:57:53
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: I was going to sign up until I read about the terrible customer service.
Review: Must be awful
Reviewer: Danyel - location: Burbank, CA - Date Added: 2014-05-14 03:19:53
Rating: (2.0) - 2 0
Summary: TERRIBLE video/audio experience, and No excuse for this in this day and age! Excellent programs, however.
Review: The low mark is for the utterly hopeless viewing (it can\'t be called \"streaming\" when a show buffers literally every 2 seconds, and that\'s not an exaggeration) and audio doesn\'t match video. Ridiculous!

It\'s not as though Acorn doesn\'t know they have this problem, it\'s been a complaint for years. Virtually every review you read complains of it, which speaks loudly to their business ethics. The experience of their PAYING customers is clearly of no concern to them.

It makes me sad to have to cancel because I love the programs offered, but what\'s the point when I can\'t view it?! Shame on you, Acorn, for not fixing this problem!
Reviewer: Peggy - location: Southern Calif - Date Added: 2014-05-09 16:53:48
Rating: (1.5) - 2 0
Summary: Great content; terrible streaming.
Review: I was very attracted to content; so exciting. But over a few weeks I have not been able to complete a single show; the streaming problems make it impossible. I am so frustrated. What good does it do to offer all those wonderful shows when they are inaccessible. I really don\'t understand this business model.
Reviewer: Jonni Dunn - location: Cleburne, TX - Date Added: 2014-05-05 21:12:19
Rating: (1.0) - 3 0
Summary: The streaming is unreliable, as has been stated by many others. Few closed captions.
Review: Few if any shows include closed captioning, which Netflix does. Streaming/buffering is a torture. The shows are really good, and some are not available anywhere else, so I signed up. Wish they could improve. I won\'t renew my membership
Reviewer: Mary Meadors - location: Dallasm Tx - Date Added: 2014-05-01 13:43:31
Rating: (4.0) - 1 0
Summary: I like this site and have not had that much trouble.
Review: I have not had the experience that many are having. There are times that the streaming may be interrupted for a few seconds but it does not happen to me often. Since I was buying a lot of these videos this is a cost effective way to enjoy them. I have not tried to cancel so that may be a problem up the line. I watch daily!
Reviewer: Mark - location: USA - Date Added: 2014-04-21 15:15:27
Rating: (0.0) - 1 1
Summary: Want to cancel? Forget about it!
Review: After hours online and on telephone, Acorn staff will not cancel our account.

We have been shuffled from one department to another, with no results.

Acorn\'s online page says cancellations must be done by telephone (better pull up a stool and a six pack because it\'s going to be a LONG wait).

The customer svc people on the phone say the cancellation has to be done online.


IMO, Acorn\'s management is fly-by-night, unscrupulous, and utterly incompetent.

Sign up with them at your own (and your credit card\'s) risk.
Reviewer: Ed - location: Colorado - Date Added: 2014-04-13 00:30:02
Rating: (4.0) - 1 0
Summary: After 30+ days! no problem
Review: After over a month of this service, have enjoyed many of the BBC programs. Picture quality is good, with a Roku, and Comcast internet, have only had streaming problems one evening, and I understand much of their network was down that night. Will be happy to see them adding more programming in the future. Their customer service department is a little weak. When I contacted them about the problem I mentioned previously with my Roku, they sent me an obviously canned reply to clear the buffer on my iPad? They apologized in a later follow-up email.
Reviewer: Dancingh2o - location: Texas - Date Added: 2014-04-09 01:45:46
Rating: (1.0) - 1 0
Summary: Technically poor service compared with ANY OTHER stream. Unreliable.Video library good. But meaningless when inaccessible.Too bad.
Review: Only ROKU channel that fails regularly. Good library. But would save myself the frustration.
Reviewer: oconno13 - location: michigan - Date Added: 2014-04-03 15:00:28
Rating: (0.0) - 3 1
Review: I experience the same issue with not being able to cancel the service. I tried the \"free\" trial and cancelled online before the month was out. Since then, even though I\'ve called and re-cancelled 3 months in a row, I got billed AGAIN. I don\'t know how to stop them, frankly. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE BILLED FOREVER!
Reviewer: Mike - location: Indiana - Date Added: 2014-03-15 21:36:19
Rating: (4.0) - 2 0
Summary: Some buffering but not too bad.
Review: I have smaller than recommended bandwidth and manage to watch most programs with a two or three buffering interruptions during each show. I\'m still on 30-day trial but am generally pleased with Acorn. I especially like comedies and \"Wild at Heart.\"
Reviewer: Hallie - location: Houston, tx - Date Added: 2014-03-13 13:34:48
Rating: (0.0) - 1 0
Summary: Free trial is a scam
Review: I cancelled my \"free trial\" before my month ended and wound up getting charged for several months on my credit card. Still haven\'t got it straightened out. I agree that the streaming is awful, though the programming sounds great.
Reviewer: Larry Dearing - location: Knoxville, TN - Date Added: 2014-03-08 22:09:18
Rating: (0.0) - 1 1
Summary: Ripped Poirot from Youtube
Review: All the episodes of Poirot were available on Youtube until this squirrel-food website appropriated them, and from what I have read, they are unwatchable.
What they have done should be illegal. Why hasn\'t Youtube drooped them like a hot nut?
Reviewer: Jackie - location: Atlanta, GA - Date Added: 2014-02-13 04:51:35
Rating: (2.0) - 3 0
Summary: Great Programming, Crappy Streaming
Review: I\'ve been a member over 2 years. I love the programming but HATE the streaming problem. I stream Amazon, Hulu, CBS, etc. without a single problem. I only have streaming problems with Acorn. I can\'t believe that they don\'t know about it and that they can\'t fix the problem. I cannot recommend AcornTV to anyone.
Reviewer: Mb - location: Palmer, Aladks - Date Added: 2014-01-18 00:44:33
Rating: (0.0) - 2 1
Summary: Great programming. Absolutely worst functionality. Was trying it for 30 days free. Don\'t bother; you MAY be able to start a program but doubtful you\'ll be able to finish it. Judy doesn\'t work. I don\'t have this problem with any other channel: N
Review: Zero stars. Worst ever.
Reviewer: DH - location: Denver, CO - Date Added: 2014-01-16 19:08:49
Rating: (0.5) - 3 0
Summary: Good luck canceling Acorn TV
Review: Tried several times to cancel my subscription. Signed up so my parents could watch this stuff at my house. Whent to cancel - guess what - no way to do it. Tried several times to sign in where they say you can cancel, but it just goes back to the same sign in screen. Called their customer service - HORRIBLE and they said \"I will try to cancel your subscription\". Guess what, got billed again. Tried doing this online once more and back to the same old thing- no sign in that works to cancel on line. Acorn TV - DONT DO IT!!! Heard the streaming was horrible too. I never actually watched any of this crap, just got screwed is all…
Reviewer: Dave - location: Tennessee - Date Added: 2014-01-11 19:03:44
Rating: (0.0) - 2 1
Summary: Worst service on the planet !!! My AcornTV has been down for almost 2 weeks. The screen keeps telling me that I am not a member My membership runs out in 2015 !!!! I guess I\'m at the point,after 7 emails to them,to pull the plug,and kiss my mone
Review: As above,and angrier than ever.. DO NOT subscribe to AcornTV. They will \" Screw you without benefit of INTERCOURSE !!! \"
Reviewer: Lori Peebels - location: Illinois - Date Added: 2014-01-06 16:12:56
Rating: (0.0) - 3 0
Summary: Poor streaming.
Review: Excellent programming. Horrible streaming quality.
Reviewer: Bruce - location: York, PA - Date Added: 2014-01-02 21:07:39
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: Great programming - poor quality streaming via Roku. Of the multiple channels I use for my Roku, Acorn TV has been the only source of streaming problems thus far.
Review: Great programming, but too many streaming problems over an extended period. It appears minimal, if any, corrective action is taken.
Reviewer: Lynda - location: Vernon, CT - Date Added: 2014-01-02 18:19:29
Rating: (2.5) - 3 0
Summary: Very poor streaming.
Review: I love these programs but am getting sooooo frustrated with the streaming that I\'m probably going to cancel my subscription. It goes from just barely tolerable to really, really choppy. Was just now trying to watch Murdoch Mysteries and it\'s impossible. I am hugely disappointed. AcornTV needs to hear our complaints and fix them because they have a goldmine here but will lose it if they don\'t fix these streaming problems. My rating would have been a 4 or 4.5 if not for the poor streaming. I\'d give it a 5 if there were more programing available. I\'m almost done watching everything.
Reviewer: David Evans - location: Nevada - Date Added: 2013-12-29 02:23:24
Rating: (3.0) - 2 1
Summary: Streaming is adequate but picture breaks up when objects/people move quickly.
Review: I watched three seasons of \"Murdoch Mystery\" on Netflix but wanted to see the next 3 seasons. The picture for one episode has been continuous at reasonable resolution(either auto or high setting), using a Roku3, but it\'s slightly worse in resolution than Netflix and the picture break-up with motion is annoying on my 60Hz refresh Panasonic Viera plasma. We get 30meg download speeds.
Reviewer: Bea - location: St Louis, MO - Date Added: 2013-12-20 23:09:09
Rating: (2.0) - 4 0
Summary: Poor streaming
Review: Absolutely love Bristish tv! I may have to stop paying for the bad streaming though. I wish this could be worked out soon.
Reviewer: Dee - location: Ohio - Date Added: 2013-12-13 04:26:11
Rating: (0.5) - 3 0
Summary: Poor Streaming
Review: Very disappointed. The TV shows are great choices. Too bad it is nearly unbearable to try to watch them. Acorn could be used as a device to coerce secrets out of someone--it is that torturous to watch.
Reviewer: carolyn - location: california - Date Added: 2013-12-09 23:25:06
Rating: (3.0) - 1 0
Summary: Crappy streaming, but better since the revamp
Review: I think I was one of the first folks to sign up when Acorn TV made its debut. I lasted a week. At that time, the streaming reloaded every other sentence. So, a year or so later, I was overjoyed when I got the \"Please come back, we are revamping.\" email. The streaming is still lousy. However, it is watchable compared the debut quality. I refuse to purchase a Roku just for this - and yes, I did fleetingly consider it. I am going to stick with it and pray for improvement.
Reviewer: LK - location: Chicago - Date Added: 2013-11-20 21:07:10
Rating: (0.5) - 2 0
Summary: There isn\'t any streaming
Review: Streaming implies just that a flow. Acorn TV is a series of starts and stops. More \"Loading, please wait\" than watching. We are finishing with the free trial and won\'t pay for service.
Reviewer: joseph petner - location: upper darby - Date Added: 2013-11-05 19:52:56
Rating: (1.0) - 1 0
Summary: Cannot stream to tv unless using Roku
Review: I purchased a (one year) premium membership mistakenly thinking I could stream it to my Sony DVD player where I can stream Netflix, Amazon, etc. This is not the case. Acorn will only stream to a Roku devise. I am very disappointed.
Reviewer: Debra - location: Sacramento, CA - Date Added: 2013-11-04 16:12:19
Rating: (1.0) - 1 0
Summary: Also experiencing poor streaming
Review: I couldn\'t understand why I had no problems with Amazon Prime and Netflix using my Roku, but Acorn kept loading every 5 minutes. So I was relieved to find many others are experiencing the same poor performance. I canceled before my free trial was up because even free it wasn\'t worth the constant waiting. Disappointing because I love what they offer.
Reviewer: James Brycen - location: Calgary Canada - Date Added: 2013-10-27 11:47:28
Rating: (1.0) - 1 0
Summary: Streaming issues persist with acorn on the iPad streamed to the Apple TV. airplay signal gets lost requiring continual reset.
Review: Acorn TV could be a great alternative to Netflix and BBC iPlayer if it were more reliable. At first I thought this was due to my service provider and Apple\'s recent flurries of updates to the operating system but this cannot be verified as all the other streaming options work. If Acorn wants to keep its clients it will need to fix this.
Reviewer: Tom - location: Phoenix - Date Added: 2013-10-24 00:07:18
Rating: (3.5) - 2 0
Summary: Been attempting to logon to acorn tv but get blank screen. No assistance. Calls to acorn online are useless.
Review: Bad service
Reviewer: Steven Marquie - location: Lansing, MI - Date Added: 2013-10-17 16:27:57
Rating: (2.5) - 1 0
Summary: Foyle\'s War is great...just be patient though...POOR STREAMING! 10 \"loading\" pauses per hour...
Review: Great to offer a product, but get with the program! Netflix, Amazon, etc, can stream without issues...
Reviewer: Jan Whitebear - location: Washington State - Date Added: 2013-10-13 00:28:42
Rating: (1.0) - 2 0
Summary: VERY bad streaming!
Review: I signed up for this to be able to stream British mysteries on my TV via my new Apple TV! I was able to watch the first three episodes of Miss Fisher\'s Murder Mysteries with NO PROBLEM! After that, it\'s constant buffering every few seconds! WHAT HAPPENED!?!?
THIS IS HORRIBLE SERVICE! I have no problems with Netflix and Amazon Prime! What\'s with Acorn!?
Reviewer: Corinne - location: Boston - Date Added: 2013-10-08 21:44:04
Rating: (0.5) - 2 0
Review: I joined because I love British tv.
Streaming is VERY POOR..especially in the evenings. My bandwidth is very good, but the stops and restarts are unbearable.
The free trial is giving me a glimpse of what I will be paying for (or not)in the future.
Reviewer: Margaret - location: Los Angeles - Date Added: 2013-10-07 02:42:20
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: Streaming problems all the time. I want to stick with it because I love British detective mysteries, but it seems to be getting worse.
Review: Love the content, but too many glitches, freezing, reloads and sometimes it won\'t stream at all. I don\'t have this problem with Amazon Prime.
Reviewer: Skylar - location: Ca - Date Added: 2013-09-25 00:51:14
Rating: (1.0) - 1 0
Summary: Unreliable on playstation3, iPad, and Dell laptop
Review: I was THRILLED to find this programming and so disappointed to find out the service is so unreliable. I can\'t justify buying a Roku given the difficulties I have trying to access the programming using reliable hardware that works perfectly on other streaming services.
Reviewer: Cashmandoo - location: Boston - Date Added: 2013-09-24 21:30:28
Rating: (1.0) - 1 0
Summary: Save your money til acorn spends money to upgrade their infrastructure.
Review: As all the previous reviews have indicated...acorn is out of gas. I come from the online software and networking industry, and I have seen this movie once or ten times. Until enough customers leave Acorn, their financial folks will not invest in the infrastructure needed to provide a quality service to their customers. Consistent with many of these reviews, we\'re on Verizon Fios, 50/25, no issue with amazon prime or Netflix.
Reviewer: Jessica - location: Portola Valley, CA - Date Added: 2013-09-22 21:42:07
Rating: (0.0) - 3 0
Summary: I really enjoy British shows, acting and program content.
Review: Streaming occasionally becomes a problem. Wish there were more options, very limited content.
Reviewer: Rosemary Miner - location: USA - Date Added: 2013-09-03 17:58:51
Rating: (2.5) - 1 0
Summary: Love it!
Review: I love So far no problems using the free 30 day trial. I watch on my Ipad 4 and PC windows 8. Try it, it\'s fun and different!
Reviewer: Peter J. - location: Haddonfield, NJ - Date Added: 2013-08-31 18:47:21
Rating: (0.0) - 3 0
Summary: Acorn streaming problems seem to have gotten worse. Even \"new\" service has not corrected. Love their Brit content. Wish it was more watchable.
Review: Have been a subscriber for over 2 years. In last 3 to 4 months, the number of glitches seem to be increasing, especially in the evening. Frequent reload circles. Freeze frames while audio continues. Sometimes unwatchable. At the same time, I can stream PBS or Netflix with no similar problems. So it\'s not at my end. Have \'Contact\'ed \'Us\' twice.Their responses: to try Low Video Setting, or to switch to Chrome browser instead of Firefox didn\'t improve things.My Verizon service is FIOS Quantum 50/25 Upgrade and I installed an upgrade graphics card. No improvement. I believe Acorn has the problem with their servers and/or bandwidth but won\'t admit it. I was hoping their \"new\" service would take care of the shortcomings, but so far it has not.
Reviewer: Judy - location: Michigan - Date Added: 2013-08-27 21:15:34
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: Have a Nook hd+ and nook tablet. Streaming on tablet stop and starts quality is awful. Have tried different browsers for hd+. Still Cannot get video to play. Acorn needs to resolve these issues Customers seem to have same complaint.
Review: Save money until problems are fixed.
Reviewer: Bruce Leonard - location: San Diego , ca - Date Added: 2013-06-19 10:28:36
Rating: (1.0) - 2 0
Summary: 56 minute program with 15 reload stops. Stops from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This is on the new Roku 3.
Review: My streaming speed is documented at 5000kbps to 20000kbps. Service is good but ultimately useless as they blame everything but their lousy equipment . This is my 2nd attempt to get service. Needless to say I will cancel my service, return Roku 3 to Amazon and try again next year.
Reviewer: Jane - location: GTA Ontario - Date Added: 2013-05-24 16:39:44
Rating: (5.0) - 1 0
Summary: Amazing value for hours of viewing pleasure
Review: I\'ve loved tv series from the UK for years. So happy to discover Acorntv 4-5 months ago. Watch on my iPhone or through Roku. If I\'ve had a problem it was so tiny that I dont even recall it. Thanks acorntv
Reviewer: Rena - location: Minnesota - Date Added: 2013-05-03 16:09:07
Rating: (5.0) - 1 1
Summary: We did have streaming problems for awhile - after reinstalling our ROKU everything worked perfectly.
Review: I love ACORN!!! We are extremely pleased with the variety.
Reviewer: Margaret - location: Ohio - Date Added: 2013-04-18 02:49:36
Rating: (1.0) - 2 0
Summary: I love the content but it is impossible to watch an entire episode without glitches. I am perfectly able to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have an IPad ..... Why can there not be an app for this?
Review: I am perfectly willing to pay for this service if it worked but the
answer is that it doesn\'t. I am truly disappointed because they
have a great content available but can\'t make it usable to the viewer.
Reviewer: An - location: Champaign - Date Added: 2013-04-07 13:32:28
Rating: (0.0) - 1 0
Summary: Not many problems here
Review: I can\'t wait until they expand to play station or wii. I really don\'t like roku it\'s my problem not the server capacity or their streaming. Just had a few troubles when it first came out, but they were on it. Would love more shows for longer. Watched some on Netflix already.
Reviewer: Acorn TV - location: Silver Spring, MD - Date Added: 2013-02-28 20:45:57
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: Improvements being made every day.
Review: We\'ve doubled our streaming capacity since the start of the year and we\'ve never maxed out on servers. However, we do require a minimum bandwidth of 1500 kbps which, unfortunately, some users still don\'t have especially during peak hours - which is unrelated to our server capacity. One option we offer is the capability to manually switch to a smaller file - changing your video setting to low rather than letting it auto-select.

Also, the comment about June 2014 is incorrect - the goal is June 2013 which is when we\'re launching an across the board upgrade to Acorn TV. I\'m sorry you were given bad information.

Lastly, we hope anyone who is having a problem, will use the \"Contact Us\" link provided which sends a diagnostic report to our customer service team so they can help troubleshoot the issue and monitor any ongoing issues. With over 800 customer reviews, we average 5 stars out of 5, so we think we\'re doing pretty well, but we are always improving and certainly appreciate the feedback, both bad and good. Thanks for your help!
Reviewer: Mrs. J - location: Vancouver Island - Date Added: 2013-02-20 22:37:59
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: Im in agreement with the above. I love the shows offered but they are unable to provide quality streaming. I\'ve tried to watch the same show three nights in a row with the same results. Awful. I\'m waiting on a response and explanation from custom
Review: At this point, their service is not worth the price.
Reviewer: Dee H - location: Dayton, Ohio - Date Added: 2013-02-10 00:19:43
Rating: (1.0) - 2 0
Summary: Awful
Review: Awful
Reviewer: Lynette - location: Minneapolis - Date Added: 2013-02-03 19:09:43
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: Terrible download speeds says it all
Review: I love the shows that are available, but they are almost impossible to watch, especially in the evening, due to the constant pauses to reload. I wish they would solve this problem, because I don\'t play to renew.
Reviewer: Kathy - location: BC - Date Added: 2013-01-14 20:53:21
Rating: (0.0) - 2 0
Summary: Streaming is impossible in the evening. They clearly do not have enough capacity.
Review: Due to the poor streaming capabilities, I don\'t see myself renewing my membership unless there is a big improvement. The shows offered are great, but they are useless to me if I can\'t see them!
Reviewer: Bob - location: MKE - Date Added: 2013-01-11 23:36:21
Rating: (0.0) - 1 0
Summary: the man from ohio says all. online/pc or roku hd box nothing but problems except in the middle of the night. big time overload they won\'t admit to. bye-bye
Review: needs more capacity but they\'re short on $$$
Reviewer: vireau - location: ohio - Date Added: 2013-01-11 22:20:28
Rating: (0.0) - 3 0
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