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AMC's TV channel brings you exclusive star interviews and backstage access to movies and shows.
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TV Shows on AMC: Breaking Bad, CSI Miami, Hell on Wheels, Mad Men, The Killing, The Walking Dead

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AMC TV Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 28 Oct 2012


Completely free
High quality video
Catch up on the latest episodes


Annoying pop-up window on every page
Not all episodes are available

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Streaming Video
Mobile Access

Quick Verdict - WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

This is a very entertaining website offering a fair amount of streaming video from the latest episodes of the AMC channel. All of the video is fast loading. You will have to put up with the popup streaming video on every page of this can be close.



The AMC generally showed original classic movies from the 1950s era. These movies were commercial free and un-colorized. The general first became available in 1987 and soon gained 39 million subscribers in the United States. Since then no programming has become much more contemporary and targeting a larger audience.


The layout of the website is very uncluttered and easy to use. The colors chosen are very easy on the eyes and the text is very easy to read. The navigational menu located at the top of a websites is very no nonsense. It provides only the links necessary. Each of the AMC programs has their own subsection of the websites that can be found in the navigational menu. The navigational menu only contains two main links; shows and movies. Itís very difficult to get lost on his website. Their websites is right to the point in terms of content revolving around their programs. It takes only a few seconds to find a program youíre looking for to find video and additional information for that program.

Streaming Video

They have more than 1000 streaming videos available. Each of these videos loads very quickly and is of high quality. Additionally, high-quality audio is also available. The videos are available to view in full screen mode. Aside from offering the latest episodes for their programs, The AMC channel websites also offers sneak peeks for the shows, insider interviews with the actors, as well as behind-the-scenes footage for each of their shows. These videos are can be found by going to this section of each program or by choosing the video link. Choosing the video link at the top will debut a selection of all videos available. Choosing to go to the subsection of the program will provide videos only pertaining to that program. The biggest downfall of this websites is each page will begin a pop-up window with the streaming video advertisements after a few seconds. This video can be close but may catch you off guard the first time. Each video will load very quickly


This television channel offers about 30 of todayís top programs. Most of their programs tend to have very high following of loyal viewers. The latest episodes of each of the programs can easily be found online. Additionally, each show provides further information or that show including Akron information as well as information on the actors in the show.

Mobile Access

The AMC Channel provides free applications for iPhone, android, iPad, Blackberry and Kindle fire. These applications are free to download. There is more than one application available. These applications include streaming video available on their websites; other applications include trivia games for their shows. These applications are very well programmed and will prove to be very entertaining. Furthermore, and other applications will provide users with the latest information and news or their favorite programs. Of all the television networks, The AMC network provides applications for the most mobile devices.


Will do the scheduling is available on their websites. You can plan your television watching schedule weeks and then. Additionally, the scheduling is very easy to read and is specific to each program. Furthermore, the scheduling on this website provides a complete synopsis of each episode. This is different from other television network schedules will only provide times and dates on their websites. Each of the programming times also offers links to this subsection on the website without program. It is very easy to find more information on the programs you are interested in. We found the scheduling section of his website to be very helpful.


The AMC website offers a number of extras including a free newsletter for subscribers. Each subscriber will receive the latest news and information pertaining to their most popular programs. This website also offers a number of games that can be played on this website. The games include action games, arcade games, and trivia games revolving around their programs. In addition to this, blogs are provided so users can get a different perspective of their shows. Furthermore, this website has a significant presence on social media websites such as Facebook and twitter.


Overall, we found this to be a very informative and entertaining website. Videos load very quickly and are of high quality. The biggest downfall is the streaming video pop-up that shows up on every page. This window can be close but still might be a little annoying. This website offers a variety of exclusive episodes only found on the web as well as backstage footage and interviews with the actors. We think this is a website worth doing as you will find the streaming video very entertaining. Itís possible to catch up on all the latest episodes for your favorites AMC programs.

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