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USA Anywhere is an app that allows users to become a part of their favorite USA TV Shows. Whith this app you can also view USA TV Shows anywhere and at anytime.

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USA Anywhere: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 23 Dec 2012


Free to download
App functions very well


Itís not possible to watch past episodes
Most video are not to full episodes

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2.0WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

USA Anywhere provides users the ability to personalize their own social experience revolving around this popular TV network.



The USA Network, also known as USA, was launched in 1971. Since its launch it has gained popularity largely due to its combination of original programming and syndication of popular rerun hit series. In addition to its popular programs they also run a variety of films from time to time. Since this network is so popular, they also offer a mobile application to bring their programming to the most popular mobile devices in todayís market. They refer to this app as USA Anywhere and it provides one of the better streaming video experiences available on any mobile TV app.

Mobile App

USAís mobile app, USA Anywhere, allows users to become an active part of their favorite USA programming. It is now possible to view USA TV shows anytime and anywhere. USA has also included social capabilities to allow users of this mobile app opportunity to share and converse about their favorite programs in real time. With the other entire line of available network TV mobile apps available, USA Network is one of the better apps available in terms of both functionality and ease of use but there are some drawbacks. USA Anywhere brings the latest updates on their programs, user discussions, and tweets from the most popular actors to its users. But users can expect a lot more form this app for social qualities. One of the cooler features in this app is the Character Chatter that turns this app into a fully social application. Itís possible to see who else is posting or chatting about USAís programming. But the Social media functionality of this app is extended through other features as well.

Latest Version

The current USA Anywhere version is 2.1 and it has a few new features available to its users; the biggest feature being the ability to Sync USA events. Events take place for different programs and users can tap the sync card to have trivia quizzes, video content, behind the scenes footage and real time polls. As we mentioned, this is a very nice app. Unfortunately, it has one huge downfall. While this app is very easy to use with a user friendly interface, it is not possible to watch previous episodes of their programs. With this being said, this makes a potentially great app and turns it into a mediocre app. This is disappointing considering all of the other features are very nice. Where this app has excelled in most areas it fails in one of the biggest and most important areas, past episodes. However, users will find video available in the form of behind the scenes footage and actor interviews.


USA Anywhere is created for Apple devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It requires iOS or later but is best used on iPhone 5. This app can be downloaded from the iTunes store and is completely free to download. While USA has other mobile apps available for Android, USA Anywhere is not available on devices other than Apple.


The USA Anywhere app has a very clean interface that is easy to use and also easy to see.


Users will notice no trouble watching video through this app. Videos will load very quickly and stream with no interruptions and high quality audio can also be expected. But remember, most video takes place in the form of clips and not full episodes.

Social Media

Where this app disappoints in past episodes, it is most efficient in Social Media. This app connects directly to Facebook allowing users to interact with their friends while watching video. Friends can join each otherís video experience by watching available clips in the USA Facebook feed and also flip through pictures. Their feed will also allow users to participate in polls for favorite television shows. Users can also interact with their Twitter friends with this application. Additionally users can search through an extensive TV schedule and create reminders for when their favorite TV programs will air. Truthfully, this app does a nice job in allowing users to create their own personalized social experience.


Unfortunately, what has the potential to be a very nice app turns out to be disappointing. The app is more meant as a means to provide their users with an exceptional social experience revolving around the TV Channel. Many users expect this to be an app intended for watching the latest episodes and that is where the disappointment comes in. There is video available through their Facebook wall that is viewable on the app. Perhaps if users download this app knowing it is intended for social purposes it would not be so disappointing. Unfortunately, USA does not make that clear. Even the Name, USA Anywhere, is a little misleading. Donít get us wrong, there is video available, but there are no past episodes to watch.

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