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TV Show tracker lets you track your favorite TV Shows and browse all the episodes for your favorite TV Shows. Get an overview of upcoming episodes and more besides.

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TV Show Tracker: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 15 Nov 2012


No fear of missing your favorite television programs
Background information is provided for each program


No streaming video available within the app
Episodes must be purchased to be viewed
Cannot mark watched programs by entire seasons

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Ease of Use
Social Media

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3.0WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

Thereís no streaming video from within this application. However, itís a great tool for tracking all of your favorite episodes before they are aired.



The TV show tracker mobile app was created by a company called pixel perfect widget. It allows you to track your favorite television show programming and every episode announcements for all your favorite shows.


The TV show tracker mobile app is available for all Apple devices including the Macintosh computer. It gives you an opportunity to view in full synopsis of your favorite television program episodes you have not watched yet. Additionally, this app is highly customizable as it will allow you to count the number of episodes you have not watched as soon as new episodes become available. Furthermore, this application will provide screen captures and video preview this for each of these episodes. Itís possible to keep track of episodes youíve already seen see you know what to be viewed next. Furthermore, the TV show tracker mobile app will notify you seconds before a new episode is about to be aired. When you receive a notification you that opportunity to buy or rent that episode of from the Apple iTunes store immediately. This feature is available for United States residents only. We found this application to be very helpful as it will also provide suggestions for additional television programs each individual may enjoy. In fact, they keep track of the viewing habits of more than 13,000 daily users to provide the suggestions. Background information is provided for all television shows and itís possible to switch between TV show pages. At that point, the TV show tracker mobile out will allow you to rate your favorite episode and share it on your twitter profile.


The TV show tracker mobile app is excellent for anyone wanting to be kept up-to-date for when their favorite television programs are about to air. Furthermore, this application can be used in a way that will keep you from missing all of your favorite episodes. Itís possible to plan your television watching future completely by using this mobile application. Furthermore, TV show tracker will send all of its users the latest news, sneak peeks, previews, trailers, and allow each user to enter contests to win upcoming releases of applications created by pixel perfect widgets. This application will definitely improve sure of finding descriptions for up-and-coming episodes.


The TV show tracker mobile application is compatible with all Apple devices. Mobile applications are provided for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that are running iOS 3.0 or later. This application is available for download from the Apple iTunes store. Download is instantaneous and you can be up and running in no time at all.

Ease of Use

We found this mobile extremely easy-to-use but a few additional features can be added. The features in the application itself are little small at every television episode you wish to watch for updates must be created individually. There is no possibility for choosing a group of television shows. This can be very time-consuming. Even in search mode, it can be difficult to check more than one television program because the controls are very small. That might be a little challenging, but this is still an excellent application to help users keep track of their favorite shows. However, the scheduling feature or does not provide a logical list of upcoming episodes they have to be searched individually. The interface of this application still needs a little work. For instance, itís not possible to mark entire seasons that have been watch each episode must be marked individually. Furthermore, as individual episodes are marked you will be confronted with an irritating information display pop-up.

Social Media

Since social media so important, this mobile occasion does an excellent job of integrating social media within their app. The TV show tracker model out will allow users to share all of their opinions and other thoughts with users on their own profile. Additionally, pixel perfect widget company while is more than 13,000 users will share their opinion with you as well. Additionally, this application has its own social media presence and they provide instant updates to all their followers concerning this mobile app as well as other applications they are working on. Their social media presence will allow you to remain on top of all things related to this application as well as your favorite television programs.


This mobile application hasnít issues within the interface what is still a very nice program for users wishing to keep track of their favorite television programs. Although no streaming video is available from within the application, as soon as your favorite episodes are available, they will direct you to will links to purchase that episode from the Apple iTunes store. Additionally, there is tons of information located within the application and you can schedule all of your television watching from within the app. We recommend you get this application a try.

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