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SyFy app for iPhone, iPad and Android tablets allows you to watch new videos, view photos. You can also follow SyFy stars via Twitter to keep up with all the action.

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SyFy: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 22 Dec 2012


Free to download
Unlock hidden video
Interact with other users


Sync does not work if audio is muted
Sometimes video will not load
There are no full episodes available

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SyFy app
SyFy Sync
Devices and requirements
Streaming Video

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2.0WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

This app allows users to interact with each other and watch hidden video while their favorite programs are being aired. There are no full episodes available.



The Sci-Fi Channel was created in 1991 by two people from Boca Raton; Mitchell Rubenstein and Laurie Silvers, who also own HomeTown Cable. The concept was pick up by USA Network in 1992 as a compliment to some of their classic horror and science fiction programming. Gene Roddenberry and Isaac Asimov, science fiction greats, were on the advisory board for the launch of this channel. In 2009 the Sci-Fi Channel became SyFy. Since their beginning they have been catering to a specific genre of people who have been long time fans of science fiction. Now they have created an app intended to compliment their popular channel.

SyFy app

The Syfy app was created to allow viewers of the channel opportunity to watch their favorite videos on mobile devices. The app includes full episode guides for the programming available and allows fans to connect with actors and directors through Social Media platforms such as Twitter. The scheduling capabilities of the app allow users to set reminders that will allow them to never miss the episodes of their favorite programs and they can also receive notifications when news and updates on these shows becomes available. Actually the Syfy app offers its users a lot of great features that will compliment the channel and their love for science fiction. But how does this app measure up?

SyFy Sync

The Syfy app has added a new feature in their latest version; Sync. Syfy Sync now allows users to interact with their favorite shows by using this app. The interaction will take place at the same time as your favorite programming. Users can unlock extra content, chat amongst other fans, and get closer looks at important points in the episode. The coolest part of Sync is the ability for the app detect where you are wile watching the episode. It doesn’t matter if you rewind or fast forward. Syfy Sync also has a voting option available. Unfortunately, the sync feature uses audio to work and cannot properly synchronize the users experience if audio is muted. Even still, the sync-enabled shows you are watching will produce interactive content in real time. Other tools available with Sync include photos, videos, polls, and quizzes—all while the episode is airing. Additionally, Syfy Sync allows access to Facebook and Twitter to give users a real time social media experience to connect with their friends and participate in discussions about the show they are watching. It’s even possible to interact with SyFy actors. This would seem the perfect viewing companion. But sadly, as Sync uses the audio function, there are times when the picture will not load giving users sound with no video. This one bug alone will make a potentially great new feature and turn it into a dud.

Devices and requirements

The Syfy app is available for most popular mobile devices. It is available through the Apple iTunes store for free. It is available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod but is best used on iOS 5. This app is also available for Android. It can be downloaded from Google Play for free. It requires Android 3.0 and up and has been downloaded by over 10,000 people so far. It is also available for Android Tablet.


The interface is very easy to use. Some apps may be hard to view on devices that are so small. But this app will give users no trouble at all. It includes a navigational menu at the top of the app with bold later for ease of use. The TV shows are displayed on the front section of the app in high resolution images that make it easy to choose your favorite television program.

Streaming Video

Unfortunately, here is where the Syfy app falls short. Although users will find many streaming video clips available, most of these videos are extras provided through Sync usage. We will also say that video is very high quality, except for those occasions where video does not load at all. But this is not the biggest downfall of this app. There are no full episodes available. The lack of full episodes available in this app is not made clear before download. Information provided lets users know the app will allow them to interact while their favorite show is playing. That much is true, but that leads you to believe the interaction takes place while being able to watch the episode through the app and that isn’t possible.


With the new addition for the latest Sync feature in the Syfy app, this application had potential to be great and Sync works very well. Sadly, there are no full episodes to be watched through the app. The purpose of this app is to allow viewers to interact with the shows and each other and streaming video is available. But if you were looking to watch popular Syfy programs on your application, this app won’t allow that.

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