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SlingPlayer is an app that you install on apple & android devices that enable them to comunicate and control the slingbox devices.

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 SlingPlayer website available new video portal that pulls in TV episodes and movies from NBC-Fox partnership Hulu, CBS, PBS, BBC America and Web video sites. There are short ads before and... More

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SlingPlayer: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 19 Dec 2012


Application will run well through minimal Internet speeds
Available for multiple devices
Watch television from your mobile device anywhere


The application is a little expensive at $14.90
Users may experience some graininess in video
There is a two seconds delay in changing channels

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Setup process
Video quality

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4.0WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

SlingPlayer application created for multiple devices so users will be able to access their off-line cable subscription no matter where they are. This is a very nice application with very few bugs.



Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 are piece of hardware that allows subscribers of satellite or cable television to stream their television programming over the Internet or through a mobile device. The application used in conjunction with this hardware is referred to as SlingPlayer and is available for all Apple devices, Kindle fire, Android devices including tablets, as well as Macs and PCs. Together the two make it possible for users to enjoy their television programs they receive at home anywhere they have access to the Internet. SlingPlayer for Slingbox is not the only application used for such activity. However, SlingPlayer is the best on the market. The application is easy to use and easy to set up.

Setup process

In similar applications the set up can be difficult. Fortunately, that is not the case at all with SlingPlayer. The company provides plenty of explanations and visual aids to be sure the setup process goes easily. In fact, setting up will only take just a few minutes. The instructions are very easy to follow and all equipment is provided including cables required to run Slingbox and SlingPlayer. It is necessary to have Firefox installed on your computer for installation. The setup requires a Firefox plug-in that is completely free to download and you must create an account at Once this installation has taken place, one only needs to follow instructions for sign-up to be complete. Users will have no difficulty selecting their video source and adding their zip code to receive the TV listings for programming available in their area. Setup will only take just a few minutes. If there are any difficulties, SlingMedia provide full customer support.

Video quality

The video quality available is more than acceptable. Users will notice a 5 second delay with live television programming but the audio and video will stream crisply and clearly. There is no delay with buffering and users will be pleased to find there is no choppiness that sometimes comes with similar setups. However, switching channels may be a little slow for some users. It will take approximately 2 to 3 seconds to move from channel to channel. This may not sound like much but users who practice heavy channel surfing activities may notice the delay. But once the user has decided on a channel no more issues will be noticed.

Although the picture quality is not as good as it would be on a regular television, it still works very well. The quality of the video with sling player is decided by the Internet connection that is powering the Slingbox unit. Some of this is taking care of on the SlingMedia servers but the majority of the quality depends on Internet speed of the user. There should be no difficulty with users who have a fast Internet connection but users at slower speeds may experience some small difficulties. But you will be pleased to know streaming from your mobile device does not have to take place near the Slingbox unit. Video can be streamed wherever you are.

The Slingplayer application works very well over a 4G network, 3Gnetwork, and WiFi hotspots. Even low mobile broadband connections will have more than enough speed for streaming video through Slingplayer at an acceptable rate. However, at lower broadband rates the picture may become a little grainy and pixilated but not enough to interrupt television viewing. The text on your screen may be affected by this but video will still be acceptable.


Slingmedia has done an excellent job of using minimal technology and still overcome any possible performance issues with their Slingplayer. In fact, they have done so well that users will experience more issues with more popular video streaming mobile applications such as Hulu and YouTube. The video quality may be a small step down from those two services but there is no interruption viewing. Video and audio will continue to run strong at any speed with only a small amount of graininess to affect viewing. This may not be true with other streaming applications.


Sling media has done an excellent job with their Slingplayer app by making it possible for users to enjoy television programming from their Web browser and their mobile devices. The application is $14.99 no matter which device a user owns. This may seem a little steep for a mobile application but SlingPlayer works so well it is well worth it. The convenience of being able to access your television cable subscription anywhere around town is a benefit worth paying for. It can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store,, and Google play for android applications. The application is just as easy to set up as Slingbox hardware and other purchasers of this application will agree that itís worth the money. You will have to purchase the Slingbox unit from the website which is only a one-time payment.

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