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Optimum App allows you to watch tv shows & movies but the Optimum App requires an Optimum TV digital cable box or cable card and an Optimum authorized modem and router to work.

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Optimum: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 21 Dec 2012


Apps are free to download
Multiple devices are supported
Great as an extra television


Some devices have distorted pictures
Can only be used in conjunction with their services and hardware
Does not work outside the home

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Optimum brings their cable services to the mobile devices of their users. The app is free to download but only works in the same house as their hardware.



Optimum is a cable service provider that has gone one step further to provide customers with methods to watch the same great programming they offer on their mobile devices and laptops through an online option. Optimum is a premium services that makes all of its products available through the site. Users can enter the site and locate the services they need with no trouble at all. The website will provide users with all instruction needed to navigate their many services. Users can download apps, choose services, and pay for their services from the convenience of their own home. Full cable subscriptions are offered including Movies on Demand.


Once more the Optimum app must be used with Optimum subscriptions and hardware but the laptop version works great! Requirements needed to run the app are Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2 or higher with minimum 1.6 GHz processor, 1 GB or Ram, and 25 MB hard drive space. It is also available for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher with minimum Intel Core Duo 1.83 processor, 1 GB of Ram, and 25mb of hard drive space. The video available in the laptop version is excellent quality with high quality video. It works just like a smaller TV.


The Optimum applications bring all of the Optimum services to users on the go. A wide variety of channels are available including movie channels, news, and sports. The Optimum app is free to use and download making it easy to watch TV anywhere on the most popular devices around. This will require a subscription to the service, but the app itself is free. Within the application users will find a complete channel guide to search and brows their favorite programs and they can also schedule future recordings. The long list of titles available in their On Demand Movies features is easily accessible through their app and its even possible to user your devices as a remote control for your regular television. The Optimum app will even provide users with recommendations on titles they might enjoy watching. This app is available for Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and also for laptops. Usage on a mobile device requires an Optimum TV digital cable box or cable card and an Optimum authorized modem and router. Plainly put, the app must be used with Optimum hardware.


The Optimum app is available for select Android devices and services allowing users to watch TV from their Android device. It is available for download at the Google Play store for Android devices and users can choose from any number of available titles to watch. Android services available include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon, and Metro PCS. The video quality on Android is exceptional. But the biggest drawback is the lack of ability to stream away from home. It seems TV can only be watched from home. However, the feature allowing users to send selections all over their house works great.

Kindle Fire

The Optimum app available for Kindle Fire can be downloaded for free through It offers all the same features as the Android version. It allows users to browse TV listings in their area and get suggestions for similar programs. There may be some difficulties with streaming video not included in their On Demand Movies list. The Kindle Fire version works excellent as a remote control. Overall all, this version works well but there are some difficulties with turning your Kindle Fire on its side. The streaming video will not turn sideways as supposed to so it can only be watched in vertical mode.

Apple Devices

The Optimum app is available for all Apple devices and freely downloadable in the Apple iTunes store. Its now possible to use your Apple devices as an additional TV provided that it is used in conjunction with your Cable TV subscription and Optimum hardware. The playback and On Demand features works great and users will have no difficulties searching through the browse functions. Unfortunately, the picture aspect ratio of this app on the Apple devices is incorrect. It may appear a little distorted and zooming out may prove difficult from time to time. The iPad version shows less distortion than the iPhone versions.


Depending on what app version a user is using there may be a few bugs to sort through with this app. Overall, Optimum has the right idea but it must be difficult creating the same app for multiple devices and have all things work the same in each. The other drawback is the inability to watch television on the go. No matter what app version you are using, this app only works if near your Optimum digital cable box and router. This kind of puts a damper on the TV on the go idea. But it is nice as an extra television set.

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