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Probably the biggest movie repository on the web is the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). It lists every movie and TV show known to man. You can also look up cast details, plots, trivia and reviews of your chosen film.

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 IMDb website available

IMDB also known as the more tongue busting, The Internet Movie Database, is so good that it was brought up by Amazon. The website offers a massive wealth of... More

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Author: Steve Sanger - 19 Dec 2012


Tons of information available
Many trailers to watch
Benefit from user reviews to help make decisions
Free version available


The free version is advertisement supported and some may feel it contains a lot of advertisements

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Trailers and Video Quality

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The IMDb mobile app will provide users with all of the information they could possibly want concerning movies, television shows, as well as the actors involved.



IMDb, or Internet Movie Database, actually began as a hobby. A movie buff named Col Needham started the database in 1987. IMDb actually began in usenet with participators compiling their own list of actors and movies. Needham, a computer programmer pulled together all these lists as other film fans continued to participate. In time this became what is now known as IMDb. IMDb is the largest Internet movie database online. It includes sections for movies, actors, and also television shows. It became a website in 1990 with Amazon purchasing the site in 1988. Even today, this website continues to grow and is now taking place on mobile apps.

The IMDb mobile app allows users to find show times for their favorite programs, browse through image galleries, and add their own reviews for their favorite movies and television shows. The biggest purpose of the website and also the mobile app is to provide every piece of information for every movie ever made. This includes actors, ratings, trailers, reviews, and much, much more. IMDb database holds more than 2 million movies and television program titles and more million entries on celebrities, actors and directors.


The IMDb app is available for the most popular mobile devices. It can be downloaded free of charge in the Apple iTunes store. It is available for all Apple devices including iPad, iPod, and iPhone and is best used on iPhone 5. Furthermore, this application is also available for android devices and can be downloaded from the Google play android store. It is completely free to download and use. However, there is also a Pro version that offers additional features. The features available in the pro version include listings of representation for more than 80,000 people in the industry. Additionally, users can also find company employee contact information for more than 30,000 companies in the film industry.


There are many features available in this app. In fact, there are many available in the app that cannot be found on the site. This will allow users to find show times and location the theaterís near them and will even make it possible to purchase tickets all from their mobile device. This is a very easy-to-use application with all the information laid out very neatly. Users will be able to find a full cast list for every movie they search. Additionally, there is a chart section that will give users a list of the best picture winners, top 250 films, as well as the bottom 100 films. This is part of what makes this such a great application for movie buffs of all kinds. Any information imaginable pertaining to movies or television can be found by using this application. Itís possible to search through a list of ratings for all movies also. At first, the user may believe that IMDb only provides information about movies. However, that is not the case as the same amount of information can also be found for television programs. In fact, they provide extensive information for television programs. Users will even be able to find a current schedule for television programming as well as full episode synopsis. Fortunately, any time there is a spoiler this app will make the user is aware so they can decide whether to continue reading or not.

Trailers and Video Quality

While searching for information for your favorite movies or television programs, itís possible to watch trailers and teasers for that program. A user is correct to assume that since this is the largest movie database available, it is also the largest database of movie trailers that can be found. These trailers stream very well from the mobile application. Users will find the video quality to be excellent and in many situations there is more than one trailer available. With all of the trailers and previews available with this application, users will have no problem deciding what they would like to watch. In fact, this may turn out to be a feature you will use quite often. Videos are viewable on in high definition with exceptional audio.


The interface of this app is very intuitive and requires no instruction to use. All of the links will make sense to a user and you should find no difficulties searching the information you need. It is also very easy to navigate from one movie to the next, one television program to the next, or one after to the next as all of the information is interlinked very well.


Most movie buffs are big fans of the IMDb website. Users will be pleased to know the app is just as informative, in fact more so. This application is very organized making it easy to research movies before deciding to watch. Additionally, there is no shortage of user reviews to get the opinions of other people before making a decision. With an application that is so easy to use and provides so much information, we have no problem giving it a full five stars.

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