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If your a HBO subscriber then you can watch all that great content using the HBO Go app.

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HBO GO is HBO's Catchup TV & On Demand service thats available to residents within the USA.... More

HBO GO App is owned by Time Warner
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HBO GO: Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 11 Nov 2012


Covers more devices than any other application
Available for android and Kindle
Free HBO subscribers
Never miss your favorite episodes


Must have an off-line paid cable subscription
You might experience difficulties when upgrading to iOS6

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Compatible Devices
Ease of Use

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4.0WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

This application is completely free for off-line HBO cable subscribers. You will enjoy watching your favorite HBO programming from your mobile devices.



The Home Box Office television channel, otherwise known as HBO, is owned by Time Warner. Itís a channel based in the United States a created for cable television. HBO has more than 29 million subscribers in the United States. This makes it the second largest cable television network. Outside the United States HBO broadcast more than 151 countries worldwide. The programs they broadcast are mainly concert specials, standup comedy, documentaries, original programs, and made for cable movies


The HBO television channel has created a mobile application known as HBO Go. It was created to provide streaming video other mobile apps of HBO viewers. The streaming video available from this application is of excellent quality. However, it is not free to watch. Use of this application requires an off-line cable subscription. They do offer many different services in the United States as well as offer an option to sign-up for HBO services from within the website. This makes this application available to many were users. The Main purpose of this application is to provide unlimited says to HBO programming when you are away from your television. They offer their users a wide selection of sporting events, concerts, comedy shows, as well as original programming streams to each of their devices. This application is completely free with your HBO cable subscription if youíre off-line cable service participates in the program.

Compatible Devices

The HBO Go application covers more devices than any application we have come across so far. Currently, this application is available or iPad, iPhone, Android, Android Tablets, Samsung, Kindle Fire, Roku, and XBOX 360. The app available for download from the app store corresponding with the device you wish to use on. It can be downloaded from Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Samsung, and the XBOX store. This allows a huge number of users to access their HBO subscription from almost anywhere. Their long-range makes it very difficult for user to find an application that is not compatible with their device. However, these applications are only available for citizens of the United States. Additionally, a 3G or broadband Internet connection is necessary.


HBO has long been the standard for entertaining television programming for cable networks. They have spent more than two decades delivering movies, comedy specials, sports, documentaries, as well as behind-the-scenes extras to all of the loyal cable subscribers. Now that they have created an application for devices other than television, this exceptional programming has become more readily available. Users are allowed to enjoy every episode of every season of their favorite television programs on this application with their HBO subscription. Very refer to this at HBO anywhere. This application makes it possible for you to keep with your favorite episodes and enjoy everything in including movies that you love about HBO original programming. Additionally, users of this app can also enjoy bonus features and special behind-the-scenes clips not offered outside this application. Itís now possible to watch HBO movies whenever you are on the road on your laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices.


The HBO Go mobile application is completely customizable to each user can experience their own personal television programming preferences. Users can create a personalized watch list to catch on their favorites HBOís shows and movies at their own convenience. Additionally, streaming video from a userís watch lists can be paused and resumed at a userís convenience. They have a feature known as a series that will automatically send new HBO episodes to a userís laptop or other mobile devices. Additionally, you can choose to watch new episodes of your favorite shows on your mobile device at the exact same time they are premiering on the off-line HBO television channel.

Ease of Use

Most users will find this app a very enjoyable. You may find some difficulty when upgrading your iPad2 to iOS6. Some users have noticed the application experiences so difficulties after this upgrade. This can be remedied by changing your WiFi settings to enable video playback. Although the HBO go mobile application is optimized for iOS6, you may still have some difficulties. However, these bonds within the app are being worked out and will soon be fixed. Yes, all users will enjoy now being able to watch their favorite HBO programs from their mobile devices. Additionally, viewing from the application has a very high resolution and videos load very quickly.


This application is completely free to all off-line HBO cable subscribers. The video located within this application is very high quality and users are able to customize their application to their own viewing pleasure. Unlike other television mobile apps, HBO go covers more devices than any we have come across so far. Itís possible to view streaming video on laptops, android, all Apple devices, Kindle fire, in your Xbox. This application is consistently be upgraded and is definitely worth a try.

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