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For UK mobile TV viewers the BBC iPlayer is a must have app. You get full catch-up access to BBC content in a number of categories and can watch full length movies and shows.

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Check in with free streaming tv episodes, tunes and talk shows with BBC iPlayer & catch up with tv shows youve missed.... More

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Review: BBC iPlayer App

Author: Steve Sanger - 8 Sept 2012


Download shows for offline viewing
HD quality available
No ads
Slick interface


No downloadable radio shows
iplayer app No links to other catch-up networks from app

In this review

Wi-Fi downloads
Ability to store your downloaded programs for 30 days
Ad-free and not memory draining
Simplistic interface
No downloadable radio shows

Quick Verdict -
4.0WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

The BBC iPlayer mobile app should be a no-brainer for those with Android, iOS and other mobile devices since firstly, the website is optimised to its interface and secondly, theiplayer is a top quality and free application! The content is top notch, navigation is easy, and it now lets you download stuff to watch while on the tube or bus. Thus, its very much a case of having nothing to lose and everything to gain from downloading it!



The BBC iPlayer app launched in 2011 lets UK viewers watch streaming TV shows, movies and radio shows for the preceding seven days on a wide range of hand-held devices including Android, Blackberry and Apple iOS.


Wi-Fi downloads

In 2011, the BBC - in my eyes - revolutionized its iPlayer application. By introducing Wi-Fi downloads, it makes it plain and simple to download your favourite TV series your Wi-Fi connection and then cache them on pretty much any mobile device. In addition, the application has also been updated to allow streaming over a 3G connection thereby negating the need for connection to a mobile broadband or router.

Ability to store your downloaded programs for 30 days

Not only do you have an enormous source of TV programmes to enjoy - as listed in the introduction - but the fact that you can download and cache it on your Android or iOS device is convenient indeed. This feature is certainly useful if you are going on holiday. For instance, the BBC iPlayer app could be used if you're in for a long flight. All you need to do is to download your favourite television shows beforehand and then search for it on your device when on-board. Instead of a 3G download, of course, you will be streaming the cached version - where the difference in quality is not conspicuous. Depending on which airline you choose to fly with, it may well be better than what the in-flight system has to offer!

Ad-free and not memory draining

Unlike its broadcasting competitors such as ITV and Channel Five, all of your downloads are available for streaming without any advertisements. Ads can be a real pain as if there were to be one every five minutes, the result could be an irritated consumer. In contrast, the BBC iPlayer application is ad-free so you can enjoy your TV programmes from the last seven days without a commercial popping up for the Samsung Galaxy. By extension, the BBC provide two contrasting types of downloads: standard and high-definition. The standard downloads are generally 300 mega-bytes whilst the HD ones are 600 mega-bytes. Thus, it is not a complete drain on your memory considering if you had 8 gigabytes of space - there is sufficient room for at least 8 HD videos with a couple of gigabytes remaining for music.

Simplistic interface

Browsing and the functionality of the application is impressive. For example, you can browse the internet using your 3G connection and whichever program you have selected automatically starts downloading once a Wi-Fi connection has been found.

In relation to downloading itself, the on-screen tabs very much facilitate the process. Indeed, there is a discernible "Downloads" tab at the bottom where you can view your downloaded list or the impending download queue. It is easy, too, to delete any unwanted or viewed content with a push of a virtual button.


No downloadable radio shows

Perhaps the only clear-cut disadvantage of the BBC iPlayer App is an inability to download and cache radio shows. Granted, you can listen to them via a 3G connection, but it'll be extremely useful for those who don't have 3G internet on their mobile phones or, of course, those using portable media devices such as the Apple iPod Touch.


The BBC iPlayer application should be a no-brainer for those with Android or iOS devices since firstly, the website is optimised to its interface and secondly, the fact that its a free application! Thus, its very much a case of having nothing to lose and everything to gain from downloading it! Its thirty-day caching capability for TV programmes is ideal for anyone who has a long journey of any kind on their agendas. Additionally, its undemanding interface, ad-free and the newly-launched Wi-Fi download feature really is testament to how functional and useful it is for any given individual.

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