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Amazon Instant Video has the latest movies, all the catchup tv you want along with classic favorites you can also subscribe to the latest TV seasons also new episodes become available the following day after they air.

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 Amazon Instant Video website available

Amazon Instant Video allows the streaming of movies and TV shows also allows you to watch catchup tv and series as well.... More

Amazon Instant Video App is owned by Amazon
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Amazon Instant Video App Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 16 Sept 2012


Massive and up to date selection of films and shows
Prices on a par with or better than iTunes
Over 17,000 instant streaming movies and TV episodes
Great picture and streaming quality


No in-app purchases
iplayer app Not available worldwide
No Airplay support
iplayer app not available on any other mobile device than ipad

In this review

iPad only
No purchasing in the app
Subscription free and pay-to-view in one app
Standard Definition and HD options
Take your watchlist to iPad
Slick interface

Quick Verdict -
4.0WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

Great to have the app on ipad and easy to just sign in and watch. But the video app has some features missing that should be there, biggest of which is lack of Airplay streaming.



Amazon Prime members have been waiting for an app to let them stream video from Amazon's servers onto their shiny ipad tablet, as the lack of an app was stopping a lot of potential customers sign up.


iPad only

Firstly you have to wonder why there is no app for the other Apple products such as iphone and ipod? Even worse if you have an Apple TV device, there is no AirPlay support, which sucks big time.

No purchasing in the app

If you want to buy a movie, Amazon send you back to their website just so Apple dont get a cut of the profits as well. The choice of titles from within the app also seems smaller than from the Amazon website?


Subscription free and pay-to-view in one app

The Amazon instant video app offers users a selection of TV-On-Demand and movies for rental or purchase. Prime members also get a selection of titles that can be streamed instantly, and for free.

Standard Definition and HD options

Watching content on Amazon offers movies in SD and HD, and choosing SD is cheaper and streams better, so a no-brainer. Rentals range from 99 cents to $3.99, and purchasing movies range from $9.99-$14.99. However there are quite a few bargains that are cheaper to buy.

Take your watchlist to iPad

When running the app, just use your Amazon details to log-in which will show any content in your library or watchlist ready to stream.

Slick interface

The slick interface shows featured shows in a number of different categories. Movies start playing instantly without any buffering (this can change if your on a slow connection), the picture looks good and streaming is fast.Your watched content shows related items that are available either free with your subscription or available to buy. There is seamless linking from watching subscription content to being able to buy some on-demand content. You can also easily access your Watchlist / queue, and get access to any season pass shows.


Amazon are seriously attacking the Netflix service, giving as good or better range of content at around the same cost. In use the app runs very well, and you get to seamlessly choose premium content if wanted from within the app. The downside is having to leave the app to purchase content. The lack of an app on any other device than Apple's ipad seems a strange omission. But this is pretty much your only real alternative to Netflix.

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