Setting Media Playing Options in XBMC

XBMC's default select action

XBMC's default action when you go through the MENU to select a Movie or TV Show is to play the selection and if you want to view Information on your selection you press the "I" key while playing. You can have the Information displayed insted of playing the selection and from the Information page you can then play your selection. Heres how to do that:

First goto SETTINGS->Video

Now Select "File Lists" from the screen that appears.

How change "Default select action" from "Play" to "Show Information" like below.

Thats it. Now when you goto Movies or TV Shows from the main menu and select something to play Information is shown first like below.

Theres a Play button at the bottom of the Screen.

Group Movies in collection when selecting Movies from menu

XBMC defaults to showing each movie as a single movie but what if you have more than one film from that collection? Well XBMC has an option that will allow yo to display them in collections instead of individually. Heres how to do that:

First goto SETTINGS->Video

Now Select "Library" from the screen that appears.

Now select "Group movies in sets" so the blue option is hi-lighted like below.

Now press ESC twice so you are back at the navigation bar and select MOVIES and you will be presented with something similar to this.

Thats it you now have movies grouped in Collections.