Guide to adding Mash Up Video to XBMC

In this guide we will walk you through the installation of Mash Up Video plug-in. This add-on gives access to a number of sources, giving free movies and TV shows along with live TV streams, sporting events and a whole lot more. You need to have XBMC installed before this pointt. If you haven't then use the links on the left to get the media software installed on your device.

First thing is run XBMC then select “SYSTEM” and then click on “Settings”.

Choose the “Add-ons” menu on the left of the window.

Select the “Install from zip file” entry in the list.

Choose the “fusion” folder option to the right of the popup.

Look through the Fusion folder scrolling down until you find the video folder..

After double clicking on the video folder double click repositories folder

Click the mashup-repository.mash2k3 zip file and press OK.

Note when installed bottom right of screen. Now click the Get Add-ons option.

Now click on All Addons by Mash2k3 item.

Select Video Add-ons.

Select Mash Up.

Now Click Install

Now Mash Up will start downloading...

When finished select Home and Videos & Add-ons Now select Mash Up to run it.

After a wait and some OK boxes you will be presented with the following screen

You can also scroll down for more options.

Thats it now go and explore Mash Up.