Guide to adding 1Channel to XBMC

In this guide we will walk you through the installation of 1Channel plug-in.

Lets get started. First run XBMC then select “SYSTEM” and then click on “Settings”.

Choose the “Add-ons” menu on the left of the window.

Select the “Install from zip file” entry in the list.

Choose the “fusion” folder option to the right of the popup.

Look through the Fusion folder scrolling down until you find the video folder..

Now select repositories.

select & it should start downloading you will see a small box at bottom right of screen.

When the download has finished close the requesters until you are at the sereen below. Now click "Get Add-ons".

Select "Bstrdsmkr's Repository" from the list.

Select "Video Add-ons".

Now Select "1Channel Plugin".

Now click on "Install".

After the plugin has completed its install you will be presented with with the following screen. Note that "Enabled" has now been added to the right of "1Channel Plugin".

You’ll now want to click "VIDEOS" then "Add-ons" button.

Choose 1Channel that was just installed above.

Thats it, you can now choose from either Movies or TV Shows to watch. Happy viewing.