Q, Is there an auto update that will update XBMC Add-ons?

A, XBMC has an auto update feature that should be enabled by default, to find out if it is enabled do the following:

1, In XBMC navigate to SYSTEM->Settings->Add-ons
2, When in the Add-ons page move the mouse fully left and a window should slide in towards the right.
3, Make sure Auto update is selected.

When finished exit XBMC and re open it again and updates should now begin.


Q, 1Channel has stopped working, how can I get it working again?

A, The best way to get 1Channel working again is to run the XBMCHUB Fixes option in the XBMCHUB Maintanance plugin, theres a guide showing how to do this here.


Q, Is it possible to control XBMC from a computer, /laptop or mobile device's Webpage?

A, Yes, first goto SYSTEM->System info->Network and make a note of the devices IP address (example Next on the computer/laptop/mobile device that you want to control XBMC from, open a web browser window and in the address bar type (replacing with your IP address) and press return. you should now have a window with the following navigation options: Remote, Movies, TV Shows and Music.


Q, Can i share my XBMC video and music libraries over the network?

A, You can via UPnP, by enabling this option you should see your media become available over the network. To enable this feature goto SYSTEM->Settings->Services->UPnP and select Share music and videos through UPnP. Now you should see your XBMC as a media device on more recent operating systems.