How To Install The Internet TV Script


You will need the following Server Configuration to run the Internet TV Script:

PHP 5 and above

Mysql 5 and above

PhpMyAdmin 2.11 and above


2, Next you need an FTP program so you can upload the script to your site. If you dont have one try doing a search on Google for FileZilla or alternative.


3, Next extract the contents of the archive you downloaded earlier remembering the directory you extract it to.


4, Next on the websites control panel select MySql Databases and create a database and add a user & password to it.


5, Next on the websites control panel select PhpMyAdmin and locate and select the database you just created, and select Import Tab along the top, now when the Import page displays find "File to import" and click the Browse button to the right and locate and select the file sql.txt from within the tv script file you downloaded earlier.


6, Now select G0 from bottom right and wait. If all went well the database should now be uploaded successfully. If not go back and review steps 4-6.


Now it time edit the config.php file that was in the download.


7, Find in config.php the following:


$email="[email protected]";

// Database info
$dbhost="localhost"; // Should not need to alter
$dbuser=""; // <- DB Username
$dbpass=""; // <- DB Password
$dbname=""; // <- DB Name


8, Change what found to reflect your actual info eg:


$email="[email protected]";

// Database info
$dbhost="localhost"; // Should not need to alter
$dbuser="tvpcscript"; // <- DB Username
$dbpass="G543jyY1kJ23Q"; // <- DB Password
$dbname="tvchannels"; // <- DB Name


The above is an example and you should use your actual data instead.


9, If all the above has been done without problems it is time to upload the script.


10, Using your FTP program or FileZilla in step 2 above Upload the enire root directory that is all file and directories that are in the same directory as config.php, you do not need to set any write properties.


11, If all went well and no problems navigate to the url for the script and it should display and work.


12, If it does not work then you have done something wrong if this is the case go and review steps 1-12.


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