Configuring The Internet TV Script


Once you have Uploaded and Installed the Internet TV Script and it is running as expected, its time to customize it a bit


To begin with yo will probably want to change the name to match your site. This can be done by opening index.php and changing what is between <title>...</title> tags.


Next changing title or elements within the header image. The header template image is in the templates directory within the archive and is called header.png this header was created in fireworks and is fully editable.


Once finished editing export the file to images/header.jpg


Also in the templates directory is connect.png this is for the small animation that appears before a stream starts playing this was also created in fireworks and is fully editable.


Once finished editing export the file to online/connect.gif


In the templates directory you will also find the following:




These files are for the channels navigation menus colour sceme, these also were created in fireworks and are fully editable.


Once finished editing export the files to css/ directory.


If you want to change the position of the Categories or Countries channel selection menus. Locate the following in index.php:


This one has the Categories channel selection:-


<div class="title"><b>&nbsp;Categories</b></div>
<div style="padding:2px; height:470px; overflow:auto">
<div class="accordion"><div class="accordion1"><?=$categories ?></div></div>


and This one has the Countries channel selection:-


<div class="title"><b> &nbsp;Countries</b></div>
<div style="padding:2px; height:470px; overflow:auto">
<div class="accordion"><div class="accordion2"><?=$countries ?></div></div>


If you move either of the above this would allow you to place the channel selection navigation menus to where you would like them.


The player and associated components are located in the following:


<div style="background:#000000; padding:2px; min-height:320px"><div id='player'></div></div>



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