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If you have ever wanted a website that can stream the freely available tv streams and video in the formats of Windows Media Video (wmv) and Flash streaming (swf and flv) then we have made available our internet tv script written in php with javascript/Ajax and running from a mysql database.

This streaming tv script was originally created and designed around 2-3 years ago as a commercial product, and has undergone several updates and modifications. However,it is no longer for sale by us or being updated and the streams may need updating..


We will be releasing more information, walkthroughs and additional scripts, so bookmark this page.

Script Features

The script comprises a selection of streams that can be selected by using a category or Country choice. There is a backend admin area that allows removal and addition of streams to the database. Each stream has an embed feature which is useful for generating backlinks to your website. No streams are hosted on your website as the script merely links to them resulting in low data transfer.


The script can be used as is covering all Countries and Categories, or you could compile a list of for instance, just music streams or documentary channels. You could have a Country specific website or area. You can achieve this by removing all categories/Countries apart from the ones you want.


All of the streams included in our database are taken from around the world and the internet and available in the public domain. The streams are as far as we know freely available for websites to link to. Channels are many and varied and include music, shopping, movies amongst many others. The streams we have can be accessed from many websites such as wwitv amongst many and have been streaming for many years.

Many of the TV on PC software products simply put a selection of these free streams together in a software package and sell it to a hungry market.

No premium channels or subscription based or pay to view streams are available, they are mainly niche channels that you may never have heard of, but also many that you will know such as MTV, QVC etc.


Visit our internet tv script forum for more information and any technical questions/problems.

server requirments
Installation instructions
Adding/removing streams



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