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The iPhone 4S runs on a dual-core A5 chip and offers a range of tv and movie watching options on it's 1080p HD retina video display.

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Technical Details

  • Dual-core A5 chip
  • All-new 8MP camera and optics. iOS 5 and iCloud. And introducing Siri.
  • It's the most amazing iPhone yet


iPhone 4S Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 12 Sept 2012


Excellent screen and sound quality
Hundreds of TV and movie apps
iTunes and app store
Very cool


No flash support
Tied into the iTunes environment
Not much improvment from iPhone 4

In this review

Design and build
Screen & Display
TV Apps

Quick Verdict

Overall,the iPhone 4S is a good sleek phone,that has loads more features and higher quality screen. This phone is good for anyone who wants a clean easy design,and its great for watching video, catch-up TV and transferring video in MP4 format.



The iPhone 4S is pretty much the same as the iPhone 4 but with a couple of tweaks and new features added to the most famous of smartphones. Although its the exact same design of the IPhone 4,it has a better quality screen for viewing better quality photo's and video's,and it comes with the (in)famous talking robotic help system Siri.You can either set it up as a brand new phone,or if you had the IPhone 4 before,you can restore your data from iCloud,and it also does not need computer access to get it activated. You can also create a new Appple ID on your phone.

Design and build

The design of the phone on the face of it looks identical to the iPhone 4,but the apps launch quicker, web pages load faster, multi-tasking is quicker and it allows you to edit documents and load multiple apps without any lag. It has an 8 megapixel camera for FaceTime which is now much more quick and better quality.

Screen & Display

The new screen has a retina display on a 3.5 inch multi-touch display. Resolution is 960-by-640 pixel at a 326 ppi. Although t's hard to notice much difference, the quality is awesome anyway.


iCloud can also be activated from the phone for storing and wirelessly pushing photos, apps, contacts, calendars to and from your IPhone. The whole process, whether restoring from iTunes or setting up fresh, takes less than five minutes. And because it's the same case design, iPhone 4 users can just swap over their SIM cards,and everything work with no hassle.


Siri is the brand new feature on the 4s, Its a robotic talking app,you can ask it questions,make appointments and reminders,and also text someone with just your voice. Siri also has more than one voice so you can play around with it also. As good as Siri sounds,it sometimes doesn't recognise your voice,but thats only if you don't speak clearly to the phone. Siri is also good for finding your nearest shop for instance,its tells you how far away you are form it,and gives you a map to guide you there,its also good for writing different things,just speak to Siri,he writes it down,then you can make tweaks to it,and thats it.Overall siri is very useful and handy to have on the phone.

TV Apps

With the new IPhone ,theres more TV and movie apps. BBC IPlayer has a new feature,you can download your favourite tv programs,and watch them whenever you want,and you don't need wifi to view them.There are also new movie apps like B-Movies, Netflix, Hulu and Lovefilm. TV and movie apps are rampant on iPhone and even though Apple do not play flash video, most sites have now changed to HTML5 to compensate.


Overall,the iPhone 4s is a good sleek phone,that has loads more features and higher quality screen. This phone is good for anyone who wants a clean easy design,and its great for watching video, catch-up TV and transferring video in MP4 format. On the downside, you are paying for a phone that is hard to tell the difference from thee previous version.

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