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Here’s how to build a home theater PC HTPC system

Are you joining the many home theater PC converts out there? or maybe you don't know what a HTPC is? Well imagine that all your media files, movies, shows, music and DVD's are available at the touch of a button from a single place, available to watch instantly. Plus add the fact that you can find, download and stream any content instantly, and it's organized, filed and keeps track of what you have watched along with poster art, plotlines, casts, descriptions, reviews and much more. That my friend is a Home Theater PC.

Having a HTPC can be easy or hard, it can be cheap or expensive, but in essence it will transform your media consuming habits and be a revelation if you like watching boxsets and movies all day. A HTPC can also be used to connect to your home network giving all area access to your video's, music, movies & shows and is a great idea if you plan to cut the cord. You can buy one off the shelf from manufacturers like Lenovo, or you can convert your existing PC into a glorious home theater by installing some (free) software.

There are many digital streaming media players like the Roku, Apple TV boxes and the many android sticks and boxes in the market. These can perform many HTPC functions and can be brought for a much cheaper price.

So a HTPC can be a simple laptop that boots straight into xbmc, or you can put together a custom home theater PC using a tiny case, silent running fan, touchscreen and remote control so that it looks and acts nothing like a computer.

Having a HTPC that is setup correctly will let you play any file format, it will play all of your ripped DVD's, and downloaded movies, shows. music, pictures and videos, Allow you to play streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Redbox and Amazon Instant Prime. Catch-up TV networks such as NBC, CBS, MTV, Bravo, Comedy Central and SyFy amongst others: You can also play video games when you are sick of watching media.


Our guide will show you what options are available and the best software and hardware to achieve the desired results for a great home cinema experience.

System Components

We will look at the components that make up the perfect HTPC. From cases, hard and optical drives, TV tuner cards, sound cards, remote control units,keyboard, mouse and which OS (operating system) to use.

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