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The RCA Streaming Media Player brings to you a world full of movies and TV shows. This has built in Wi-Fi and output at 1080p HD.

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Operating System: RCA

Runs these apps: Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Vudu

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WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 2.0 (2.0)

Streaming Media Player Video

Product Features

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • 1080p HD output
  • Stream your favorite TV shows and movies from Hulu Plus (subscription required)
  • Instantly streams Netflix movies and TV shows (subscription required)
  • Rent or buy HD 1080p movies and TV shows from VUDU
  • View YouTube videos
  • Stream Pandora Internet Radio


RCA Streaming Media Player Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 05 Jan 2013


Outstanding video quality
Easy to set up


Not many services are supported
The device is useless without the remote control

In this review

Product Overview
Set up
Playback quality
Remote Control
Services available

Quick Verdict

The RCA Internet streaming media player is very affordable at around $50. However, not many services are available.



With off-line cable subscription services being as pricey as they are, many users are looking for ways to eliminate their cable subscription. For that matter, other users are looking to enhance their cable subscription. Whatever your purpose, RCA has created an Internet streaming media player. If youíre not familiar with Internet streaming media players, their main purpose is to provide Internet media on your regular television screen. Some of these media outlets are internet based subscription while others are on an on-demand basis. There are several Internet streaming media players available on the market. These can range in price anywhere from $50-$300. The RCA streaming media player can be purchased at Wal-Mart for a fairly affordable price.

Product Overview

The RCA streaming media player is very small and can be held in the palm of your hand. The cheapest model can be purchased for around $50. On the rear panel you will find outlets for power, video and audio outputs, and HDMI outputs. There are no other connectors available. This device comes with a remote control that includes on and off as well as navigational option. A remote control is very important as there is no control accesses located on the unit. You have to be very careful not to lose the remote as it is quite small. If you were to the remote the unit would become useless.

Set up

Setting up the RCA Internet streaming media player is very painless. It will take most users approximately 10 minutes to get up and running. Users can set up this device without the manual, but a manual is provided with detailed instructions that are very easy to understand. This device will deliver 1080p picture quality with most sites available. This device comes equipped with support for popular Internet services such as Netflix, Hulu plus, Youtube, Vudu, Picassa and Pandora.

Playback quality

The video playback quality at 1080p resolution is impressive. Users with Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions will be more than pleased with the high definition playback this device will provide. In fact, we found no issues at all with the streaming capabilities of this unit. Even in instances of slow internet connection, there was little difficulty. However, we did notice the unit became a little hot to the touch after an extended period of time. This device becomes warm after approximately 2 hours. We donít think there is any cause for alarm as this device is said to be within the needed safety requirements. Therefore, even if itís left on for long periods of time it should still be fine. The WiFi connection for this device is excellent in streaming movies from your Internet service and will be a breeze.

Remote Control

As mentioned, all features located on this device are provided on the remote control. Remember, if the remote control is ever misplaced this unit will be useless. However, users will be pleased to find navigation controls on this remote control work very well. In fact, the remote control is very smooth and responsive with buttons that include instant access for some of their more popular services include with this device.

Services available

Unfortunately, the biggest downfall of the RCA Internet streaming media player is the number of services available. Unlike some of the other video players on the market, there is no support for sporting or news services or local television stations. Additionally, Amazon prime or iTunes is also not available. Users of YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus will be quite pleased. But compared to the services offered by other media streamers, the RCA version is at the bottom of the barrel. Unfortunately, there is also no way to add additional applications. Therefore, if youíre interested in using the RCA streaming media player to replace or cable subscription service, this may not be the device for you. However, if you are simply interested in using this device to watch YouTube videos or access Netflix and Hulu Plus, then this unit is an excellent choice.


The RCA Internet streaming media player is one of the most affordable media streamers on the market. While some media streamers cost as much as $300, this device can be purchased for as little as $50. However, although it is very affordable, we feel as if other streaming media players at the same price may be a better option. This is true because of the lack of services available with this device. We will say this device is very compact and easy to set up. Additionally, the video playback is outstanding. Perhaps in the future, when additional services become available with this device, this will be a better selection. But if you are just interested in viewing your Netflix or Hulu Plus description service, then this might not be a bad device to try.

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Reviewer: Barry - location: Johnstown PA - Date Added: 2015-04-17 20:13:15
Rating: (0.0) - 0 0
Summary: Will not do hulu-plus or anything else not already on the player.
Review: This device works for Netflix,youtube and Pandora. Other than that don't spend anything on it, if you want to upgrade it-forget it.

Reviewer: Ralph Propst - location: SD - Date Added: 2013-11-10 23:27:59
Rating: (2.5) - 1 0
Summary: Good on analog TV
Review: I have had good luck since bought in July to nov. would like to beable to use a full browser so I could watch free hulu. But watch a lot of utube and have net flix also but utube is superior in viewing options to net flix which has few block buster movies lots of grade B movies that are trash. There is an uprade function in the player but RCA has not upgraded the services available since I bought it. they could easily add a browser capable of streaming video from all sites if it fit their busines model but it does not because they want to make money from limited services instead of giving you full access to free internet video sites such as the network TV -CBS-NBC and the rest.
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