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NeoTV Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 28 Dec 2012


Support for many popular services
All models are very affordable
Very easy to setup


No connection cables are included
Remote control is lacking menu button

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Understanding NeoTV
Setting up NeoTV
Using NeoTV

Quick Verdict

NeoTV is the popular Internet media streamer that is very affordable and provides support for many popular services.



Many of the televisions available on the market today already have support for Internet applications that will provide users with a wide range of Internet content. However, some models will require a little help for users who wish to access their Internet video subscriptions. These days, if you have an Internet connection, watching Internet television on your regular TV screen only requires purchasing a simple Internet media streamer. There are many streamers available on the market in some of these are very easy to use. If you're not familiar with Internet media streamers, it's simply a small box that connects your Internet connection to your television. NeoTV is one of these media streamers. NeoTV is very affordable; one can be purchased for well under $100. In fact, the lower end model can be purchased for as little as $50.

Understanding NeoTV

For starters, NeoTV is an easy device to use. It is a very small piece of equipment that leaves almost no room for confusion. The rear panel of the small box includes a power connector, audio and video ports, Ethernet port, rest pinhole, and a micro SD card slot. You will find one USB port located on the side. There are no indicator lights on this device. Unfortunately, the NeoTV device does not come with connector cables included; they must be purchased separately. However, users will be pleased with the QWERTY keyboard that comes with this device. This alone is an attractive feature as the keyboard will speed set up time while configuring this device to Internet video subscription services.
Additionally, this device comes with a remote control; not all media streamers have remote controls. Unfortunately, the remote control is not very intuitive as it lacks a couple buttons that some users may use frequently such as the mute button. Furthermore, the navigation keys are very close together and the user must be careful when choosing the proper key as it is very easy to select the wrong arrow. However, a user is not bound by the remote control provided by NeoTV devices because remote control applications are available for both Android and Apple devices. These remote control applications work very well.

Setting up NeoTV

Setup will be very quick; it should take approximately 10 minutes. Setup is also very simple, a user will only need to connect the NeoTV device to their television and select appropriate input. When NeoTV is run for the first time, the setup wizard will allow users to download and install available updates. When NeoTV has installed the updates the device will reboot allowing you to choose your resolution. Then NeoTV will take you through a detailed explanation of your remote control. When set up is complete there will be a menu on the home page of the screen that will help confirm Internet connectivity.

Using NeoTV

Similar to Roku devices, NeoTV devices are mainly intended to support Internet video subscription services. However, NeoTV supports many more services than Roku. You will be pleased to know that NeoTV supports 108 different channels with the most popular being Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Vudu, YouTube, and Ted. Although Roku also supports many channels, the popular channels included with NeoTV are greater in number. Channels are displayed in groups and users can add or remove channels included in each group. Some of the groups included in clothing education, news, movies and TV, and lifestyle. Additionally, NeoTV also supports social media networks such as Facebook and twitter. The news channels included include CNN, PBS, Fox News, and the Whitehouse. There is also a sporting group to include Redbull TV. Additional channels can be added. Local television channels can be accessed through the My Media channel available with NeoTV.


NeoTV is a good choice for users who spend a lot of time viewing Internet content. Many popular services are available right out of the box. NeoTV is an excellent value for the money with models available for as little as $50. Since set up is so easy and quick, users can not go wrong with NeoTV. Additionally, NeoTV has more support available for more of the popular internet video subscription services. It also comes with a remote control and does not require users to return to their computer repeatedly. The biggest downfall of NeoTV devices is that it does not come with connection cables needed for set up. But since connection cables are very affordable, and many people already have these needed cords, this is not a deciding factor. Aside from the support for paid subscription video services, this device also provides several free channels to its users. This is one of the better models available in terms of ease of use and affordability.

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