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The Boxee set-top box plugs into your TV set via the included HDMI cord, and connects to the internet and your home ntwork enabling streaming of TV shows and movies from the web straight top your TV.

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Operating System: Boxee

Runs these apps: Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Vudu

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Product Specifications

  • Brand Name: D-Link
  • Color: Black
  • Specification Met: No
Technical Details
  • Watch your favorite movies and TV shows with Netflix and Vudu instantly on your HDTV
  • Play videos, songs, or pictures from your computer or home network
  • Plays any non-DRM video, music, and photos and media from anywhere on the Internet
  • For the best Boxee Box experience, use a wired, high-speed internet connection


Boxee Box Review

Author: Steve Sanger - 18 Dec 2012


Easy to set up
Channels can be found easily


Hot to the touch
Issues with playback quality with recordings

In this review

Boxee appearance
Setting up Boxee
Watching TV
Playback and Quality

Quick Verdict

Boxee is an affordable media streamer alternative. The company is still working out some of the bugs included, but this is a nice place to start.



Since offline cable subscriptions charge their customers monthly fees that continue to increase, there are some who are beginning to take a long hard look at other options. There are a few options out there that may be excellent alternatives for some. Boxee TV is one alternative. Boxee TV is one of the many internet media streamers that are becoming so popular. It's available exclusively through Boxee and Walmart stores only. With both Ethernet and wireless network connections and dual Over-the-air and HDTV tuners to view live television or encrypted cable signals provided by a cable service provider, Boxee may become a major player on the Internet media streamer market. Also, Boxee currently has a DVR in beta that is available to a limited market.

Boxee appearance

Understanding Boxee is pretty easy. On the rear panel you will notice an Ethernet connection, two USB ports, HDMI Output port, Power jack, audio outputs, and antenna connector. You will also find a button that is unlabeled. This is the reset button. Most hardware products provide reset in the form of a pinhole, but Boxee has decided on a reset button. The rear panel will also have several outlets for ventilation. Additionally, ventilation holes are also included on the bottom of the device as well as on the top. However, even with all of the ventilation holes, Boxee still seems to get a little hot. Although Boxee is a little hot to the touch, there is no need to be concerned as it falls within proper heat standards for electronics. Finally, Boxee TV has an IR controller that includes dedicated buttons for Internet services such as Netflix.

Setting up Boxee

Most users will have no trouble with Boxee set up. Setup is as simple as connecting the HDMI output port on the back of Boxee to the available HDMI input port on the back of your TV. Next you must connect the LAN port to your router. Cables for these connections are not included and must be purchased separately. Finally, you will be instructed to finalize set up through boxee.tv on your Web browser. At this time, your Boxee account can be created. Once your account has been created, you will log in and enter the five digit code that will appear on your TV screen. Once this code has been entered your Boxee device will be activated and your account will be linked. At this time users will be asked to input credit card information if they wish to pay for premium services such as video rental or the DVR Boxee feature. However, it isn't necessary to input credit card information at this point; this can be done at a later time.

Now that your account has been created and Boxee TV is activated, you can begin with TV settings. And this process is also not complicated. Boxee comes with a telescoping antenna that will assist you in scanning for channels down over the air. The process of a few simple antenna attachments, you can detect different channels by searching for stronger air signals. It may be helpful to place the antenna is close to a window as possible to pick up the strongest signals. Additionally, it's also possible to invest in better antennas to receive stronger signals. But the included antenna will work in the beginning.

Watching TV

Once you have detected the TV channels available over the air or from your off-line cable subscription, you can now scroll through available channels and chooses what you would like to watch. Channels will appear on the screen of your television and users will have the option to view schedules for each channel available. Boxee has included a really nice feature that will allow users to view their own available channels over the Internet through their online account as well. Unfortunately, the DVR is not available to all users. In its beta stages, it is only available to certain parts of the United States. We found this to be very unfortunate and limiting. However, Boxee is in the process of working out the bugs for this feature. Hopefully these will be worked out soon.

Playback and Quality

Sadly, users may experience some difficulties during playback of their recordings. As long as the television signal is strong, the playback of recordings will run very smoothly. However, if the user has difficulty viewing a television channel, they will have trouble with playback as well. Plainly put, your recordings will only be as good as your television signal. Furthermore, users may experience some video and audio difficulties where both experience brief pauses during recordings and in some situations parts of the recording can be skipped entirely. Users will notice these situations vary greatly depending on time of day the recordings take place. This could mean issues on the Boxee backend. Truthfully, since these features that have not been completely worked out by Boxee, it may be too soon to make decisions based on playback and quality of recordings. However, we can say that streaming internet services, such as Netflix and Hulu, show no distortions in playback at all. We only found difficulties with recorded content.


In the future, Boxee may turn out to be an excellent product. Unlike some of the other media streamers available, this device is very easy to set up. Unfortunately, users will experience a lot of difficulty with playback of their recordings. But despite this, we can see the future of Boxee is bright.

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