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Free satellite TV - Too good to be true?

I keep getting messages from people asking about free satellite tv on pc products, and why dont we show satellite tv on our website. Well there is a very good reason why we do not show this great sounding service. Free satellite tv is a myth, a con and totally not available! So i thought i would let everyone know exactly what goes into these satellite tv products available on pc.

First of all, you have to read 'very carefully' The entire sales pitches that these guys give you on their great looking sales pages. The problem is of course that the sales page has had a lot more care and attention put into it than the awful product you end up buying.

free satellite tv

They offer thousands of channels

They offer the latest movies

They offer the latest sports event

They say Watch anywhere in the world

They offer Free shipping??

But hang on a minute. That is not satellite tv, is it? It is what you can get for free on websites just like this isn't it? If you read the sales pages carefully you will see that they never actually offer you satellite tv on your pc and never mention any premium channels by name. It is all smoke and mirrors. In fact i was so sick of these guys taking $50-100 per order that i have written a couple of blog posts - Warning of the dangers of the free satellite tv on pc ripoff. All they do in a nutshell is to carefully repackage stuff that is already freely available on the web, give it a flashy website sales page and bang, you are suddenly feeling light in the wallet and pretty sick in the stomach.

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I was so brassed off that i even offer a software download that gives you for free what these dodgy dudes are charging you for.

free satellite tv software download

But the bottom line is this. Free satellite tv on pc is not a real product and is not worth paying for. Luckily, because of the popularity of sites like this and the amount of free TV content available online. I think these sites will die off. But until then remeber, worldtv is free and definately worth visiting.

If you want the same content that these products offer then head over to our section for free movies. They may be old and some a little obscure, but some poor souls pay for stuff like this. Next go to our internet streaming section and watch tv streaming from around the world (again, many punters pay for this stuff). Head over to Youtube next and browse their selection of free movies. While your on the site, do a search for full movies, this will give you a surprising selection of full length films. Look at the TV networks in your Country which will give you a selection of free content to watch

Your next option (which is not reccomended), is to download a P2P or torrent software and download your movies or shows that way. Please be aware though, that this is illegal if you do not already own the content, and it is fraut with danger as you dont know what your downloading until you run the file. You could easily infect your computer with a virus or other unsavioury content that you cannot get rid of.

Update October 2012 - Clickbank, the vendor that sells most of the TV on PC products have announced that they will no longer sell any of these satellite TV products. The reason? They are not saying, but we know that the refund rates and complaints about these products are sky-high. There is also an ongoing complaint from customers that they are paying for something that is free to everyone (if you know where to find it). So good news in the fight against dodgy sellers taking advantage of the public.

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