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Thread: Watching something other than Youtube on your cell phone

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    Watching something other than Youtube on your cell phone

    Everyone spends time out and about, on a bus, in a waiting room etc. So what better than to watch something on your mobile phone.

    All modern phones have a Youtube app, but what else is there to keep you entertained. This section is for websites that let you watch streams and video on your cell phone.
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    Most TV networks have a phone app nowadays, for iPhone and android at least. So choice is pretty high, the problem is that watching streaming on 3G is next to useless and public wi-fi seems to ban video..

    I think the best solution is to download shows on phone to watch on the move. but where do we get a phone DVR?

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    I agree that phones are a good use as storage. Download and watch when your 'stuck' somewhere.

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