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Thread: Which is your fav. horror movie ?

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    Which is your fav. horror movie ?

    Guys.........I want to know which is your fav. horror movie ?
    Mine fav. is WRONG TURN 4


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    Without doubt, and still number 1 is the totally scary.................... Exorcist
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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    It would be the RING! I just hope there would be TV show version of it that I can watch at online TV.

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    My favorite horror movies are:

    Blood Creek
    Breaking Nikki
    Midnight Movie

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    Wrong Turn 4, after this movie i have stopped watching horror movies.

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    Mine favorite horror movie are:
    Vampire Hunter
    i love this movies.because the story of this movie is very good so i like it

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    Wrong Turn also a good movie when someone talk about horror movie but wrong turn is not completely horror movie.The movie which i like are 11-11-11 and the Ring these both are awesome movie and i must suggest you watch that movie.

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    Actually I am not so much interested in Horror movies because I have very weak Heart But always like to watch Comedy Movies..If You are asking about favorite Horror movie then I would like to share the Movie Saw that is too scary for me...

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    Which is your fav. horror movie ?

    Psycho and The Wood. These are my favorite horror movies.

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    i like horror too much and there is lot of movie which is my favorite. In latest movies saw is my favorite horror movie.

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