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Thread: How to Setup Home Network Sharing

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    How to Setup Home Network Sharing

    If you want to enjoy the delights of streaming movies and shows around the house, you can use streaming straight away. But what about all your movies, videos and music that is stored on a single computer or hard drive? You will need to setup a home network so that you can enjoy all that media on a number of different devices.

    Devices that can connect to the home network

    Imagine being able to share movies, music and video across all your devices.

    Playstation 3
    Smart TV's
    Media Player
    Blu-Ray Player
    Network attached hard drive

    A home network means you can store everything on your main PC, or even just a hard drive that you plug into your router. A home network will stream the content around the house using your wireless signal and is not dependent on your broadband speed, so you should easily be able to stream HD quality on your PC, media center, tablets and smartphones.

    How To setup a home network

    Most people have a Wi-Fi or wireless network meaning that all computers, tablets, phones, consoles etc. can see each other. Some older computers will have a network adapter installed. You can also connect straight to your router using an Ethernet cable.

    Now you just need to create a connection between the hard drive your media sits on and the rest of your media players. Setting up a home network is slightly different depending on your OS used. Windows and Mac iOS users can follow instructions from their computer. Different versions of Windows all have slightly different ways of setting up, but they are all pretty simple and painless. Just search your computer for setting up home network.

    Once completed you can see the main PC from all devices connected to your Wi-Fi and just browse it like you would a hard drive or folder on your device. So fill that hard drive with movies, shows, home video and music files. Then just stream from anywhere in the network using any device. It is great for watching a movie as you can see it on your PC, carry on viewing on your tablet in the kitchen, and watch on your phone in the garden.
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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    I got hold of a 2TB portable hard drive and connected to my router. Then i can access it from all my Wi-Fi connected stuff including my LG smart TV. It makes it real easy to watch what i want where i want. I then download movies onto my mobile devices if im heading on a trip etc.

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    I think everyone who hasn't done this is missing a trick. So for those new to networking. Network your folder or drive by just right clicking the drive/folder in Windows and enable sharing. Then install XBMC onto your PC and mobile phone/tablet. Then you can rip some DVDs, fill your drive and watch movies till you die.

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