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Thread: Can Apple Stay On Top Now Steve Jobs Has Died??

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    Can Apple Stay On Top Now Steve Jobs Has Died??

    The sad news that Apple's founder and the main creative input, Steve Jobs has died leaves the company in a bit of a pickle.

    How can the company continue to innovate and push boundries (especially with Android devices breathing down their necks). So will Apple slide now that Jobs is no more?
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    I would hope that a multi-billion dollar company would not be relying on a single guy for inspiration. With all the research teams and degree educated designers and creative geniuses working for Apple, I don't think they will struggle too much.

    Add to that the millions of Apple followers and the power of the brand, and I think Apple will remain strong for a long time to come.

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    they will be on top especially if they venture to online TV since it is making some wave nowadays.

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