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Thread: Internet TV Software Source Finally Released

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    Internet TV Software Source Finally Released

    Here is the promised Internet TV Software source code.

    Here is the source code for our rebranded TV software. Using this code you can create TV on PC software which can be tied to your domain name. This means that every copy of the software you sell, or give away can show links and ads from your website. Can link back to your website. This software can also be used in conjuction with our internet TV script that is also available as a free download.

    Previously this software was sold, you can see the sales rebranded TV sales page and get a better idea about what the product does.

    The product has not been updated for a while so some channels are not working and the first thing you should do is update the streams.

    Currently the software asks for a password (which you can creat in the code), and if none is entered the software runs for 15 minutes in limited mode.

    This code was created with Visual Studio 2008, Visual Basic. I have not tried but it may work in Visual Studio 2010, it may also work in Visual Basic 2008/2010 Express again not tested.

    This code is from my documents folder:
    Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\RebrandedTV\
    This is where the project is stored on my Visual Studio 2008 so if you make a directory called RebrandedTV in your project folder of Visual Studio 2008 and copy the contents of the rar file below into the RebrandedTV directory.

    If you want to try it out then it can be downloaded from:

    The main things to edit when setting up the software are:

    Public wsite As String = "" - This is the website's domain name and directory where software is uploaded.
    Public appname As String = "" - This is the name of the software
    Public sn As String = "" - This is the serial number for full access to the software

    Form1.vb [Design]
    Select logo at top right, in logo properties, select Image and activate Select Resource then Import... and select an image thats 200x54px select ok til its active.

    There are other files that this software relies on and they are below:

    More info to follow and any questions welcome.
    Live Long, watch TV and prosper

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    Hoi, I'm ferry intrest in the program bud the link to the software to download dondt work,helphelphelp.

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