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Thread: Is Hulu coming to Australia?

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    Is Hulu coming to Australia?

    I hear in the news that Hulu is coming to Australia.

    Seems that the service may finally get out of the US. I know that the UK launch failed due to the local broadcasters not wanting to share revenue. So why wont the same thing happen in Oz? Have a look at the new sales in the Black Friday Catalogues 2020.

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    I think Hulu would love to launch in a number of Countries, but the problem is that the TV networks have their own websites now. So why would they share revenue with Hulu? A single destination to watch all catch up shows is a good one though. Lets hope the Aussies get Hulu.
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    It seems like a good news for us that now we can watch hulu outside US. Many countries waiting for launching Hulu in their areas, so that the problem has been solved.
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    Hopefully we will have it down here soon via smart TV's, until then I guess its just via the laptop with a VPN
    Ive used for a while, doesn't buffer usually.

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