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Thread: New Year, Get a new Android 4.0 OS Tablet PC

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    New Year, Get a new Android 4.0 OS Tablet PC

    December 19, 2011 is a big day for the Phone and Tablet PC manufacturers. On that day, Google announced that the latest operating system Android 4.0 (named Ice Cream Sandwich) was born. Let me introduce the new characters briefly.

    1. This Android OS will support a Unified Version
    2. All new designed UI Humanized Experience Interface.
    3. Back to the origin.
    4. Update the Linux kernel, update all the 3.0 version
    5. The new Android Market offer Music Beta and Flash resource to download
    6. Multi-core processor optimizer
    7. Promote the operating speed

    Now , we introduce this new operating system to the New Android 4.0 Tablet PC. The first ice-cream sandwich tablet. With popular 7 inch capacitive touch screen tablet PC.

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    I will buy an Android tablet the day it is a better machine than the iPAd. And that day aint here yet.

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