View Full Version : Guide to watch live football streams using P2P TV Software

07-25-2013, 08:07 AM
Hi All

As the new football season will soon be upon us i thought i would write up a guide on watching the footy using a PC or tablet for you sports fans:-

P2P TV Software Streaming:

Most people know about P2P (peer to peer) which lets multiple users watch free video with the more watching making the picture even better quality/streaming. Although this can be used for any video, we are interested in soccer matches.

First thing you will need to do is to downloadi and Installing the P2P Software which will run the stream links you click on (more about that later). The popular ones are Sopcast and TVAnts which give access to pretty much all the live soccer matches. Google to find download links.

Sopcast is the best software imo and streams sports channels such as ESPN and StarSports as well as other videos and movies. It also comes with a record function. TVAnts is also very popular and is similar to Sopcast.

Finding football match Links

Once you have downloaded the P2P software you can now look for the live soccer matches you want to see. Use websites such as myp2p and Asiaplate to find the links for matches which are updated daily. They will have links which you can click on for the different softwares you have installed. Clicking the link will open the software and start streaming the channel. Just wait a little while for buffering and you can enjoy the game.

Hope this guide is useful for some