View Full Version : Internet Set Top Boxes Explained

12-16-2010, 07:49 AM
So what is an Internet TV Set-top Box?

A connected box allows viewers to view internet streaming media on your tv set. They can provide the same functionality as other devices that provide additional features, such as gmes consoles and Blu-ray players and even tv sets (these are known as connected tv).

There is no set standard so internet set-top boxes can have a mixture of network connections, outputs and operating systems in place.

Companies making internet set-top boxes

Boxee Box
Apple TV
Sky TV
Freeview HD
Google TV

Plus there are a myriad of other makes and designs. You can even connect your PC to your TV and have internet connected functionality, although set-top boxes have a better integration with your television set.

When it comes to deciding which to buy, then it may be best to see how the market pans out, and which models get the most support and apps released.